47. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I wake up to loud ringing across the room.

Jake groans rolls over and pulls the pillow over his head.

"Ugh." I complain as i stand up.

I cross the room falling over my suitcase getting rug burn on my butt most likely. I grab Jake's phone.

"Hello?" I answer frustrated.

"Jake?" It's a female voice.

"No this is Maggie."

"Oh of course this is Hannah i'm so happy for both of you and-"

She's cut off as someone takes the phone from her.

"Hey Maggie it's David. I'm so sorry she called this early she's just so excited for both of you and wanted you both to come visit this morning."

"Oh sure. We'll be there in an hour."

"Ok sounds good. See you soon."

"Bye David."


I feel awkward as i hand up. Talking to your boyfri- fiancees parents in the morning when your naked and he's also naked in your bed is very awkward.

Especially when while you take to his parents you can't help but let your eyes trace the distance of his body.

I smile crossing the room and climbing back onto the bed.

"Come on Jake. Time to wake up."

He rolls over to face me.

"Whhyy?" He moans childishly.

"Because we have to go see your parents."


"Yes now." I smile as he slowly climbs out of bed.

I stand up stretching. I look at Jake and find him staring at me.

No longer self conscious just curious when he stares at my body. "What?"

Jake smiles. "I think you know what."

I look down and see he's hard.

"We don't have time." I shake my head.

"We both have to shower and it'd be just as quick if we showered together."

"Doubt it." I say but I don't even have a chance to finish before i'm in Jakes arms being carried to the shower.


Jake's rushing to his parents house because we're already twenty minutes late.

We pull into the driveway and jump out of the car were running to the house when Hannah skips out.

"Maggie! Jake!" She runs over grabbing us both in a hug. "I'm so happy for both of you."

we walk inside and i'm completely shocked to see who's at there kitchen table.


"Oh honey me and Hannah just wanted to talk being the in-laws."

I'm confused even more when Hannah loops her arm through my moms.

"We have something we want to ask you both." Hannah says.

I look at Jake then back between my mother and Hannah.

"Sure. Whats up?"

They both smile really big. I start to fidget with Jake's fingers.

"We want to plan your wedding!" They say together.

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