2. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Ugh Monday what the hell.

i climb out of bed. 2 days until summer vacation. thank god then i'll finally be off to college.

i get dressed in a dark purple sundress, brush my teeth and hair, clip in a purple bow, a little black eyeliner, mismatching socks, black converse, i grab my bag and i go downstairs. eat breakfast frozen waffles. and i'm out the door after grabbing my keys and phone.

i hop into my car a blue jeep and i'm off to school. i pull into the parking lot, park my car, hop out and go meet Jenna near my locker which is right next to hers.

"Hey Jenna." I say with a smile. "2 days then were finally FREE!!" I yell getting attention from other people in the hallway.

Jenna laughs "Ya i know. so summer goals this year are?"

We always make summer goals which usually don't happen.

"Mmm okay lose 5 pounds, Kill Jake, Fall in love, and hang out with you everyday."

See they're just stupid lists that don't actually happen.

"Make Andrew fall in love with me, and hangout with you everyday."

That's always her list it's always been the same.


"Oops there's the bell i better get to class. see you in lunch" I say closing my locker. We go our separate ways.

6 very boring periods and 1 lunch later.


"thank god." I mumble picking up my books. Time to go home. I go out and hop into my car.

"Now that she's back in the atmosphere

I'm afraid that she might think of me as

Plain ol' Jane told a story about a man

Who was too afraid to fly so he never did land"

i pull my phone out of my pocket.


"Hey Maggie."

"Jenna you coming over today?"

"That's what i'm calling about am i?"

"Course hahaha you come over everyday."

"see you soon."

"K Bye babe."

i hang up throw my phone into the passenger seat and drive home.

UGH! Jake's here. why is he always at my house.

your probably wondering where are your parents well it's there anniversary so there gone until graduation which isn't until two weeks from now. Seniors get out before the lower class-men so we wait until the last week of school to actually graduate.

i pull in and Jenna pulls in right behind me. I climb out and wait for Jenna to walk up to me.

"So what are we doing tonight?"

"What do we do every night Pinky were going to try and take over the world!!!!" We both erupt into a fit of giggles. pinky and the brain? come on you must know them.

We walk inside still giggling. Jake and Andrew look at us like were freaks when we walk into the kitchen making us laugh even harder. i lean against the counter for support.

"I hahaha can't hahaha breathe hahahaha." I attempt to say.

"Whats so funny?" Andrew asks putting a cookie into his mouth.

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