8. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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maggie's pov

"Maggie... Maggie... Maggie come on time to wake up..." ugh who keeps poking me. i open one eye and see Jake.

"What do you want Jake?" I moan rolling over and pulling the blanket over my head.

"Maggie it's like 10 you have to get up so that we have time to get you dressed and to get to my house early so my parents can give us a million directions on how to be a couple."

I groan under the blanket. "Just give me another ten.... twenty... another hour Jake."

Jake laughs and pulls back the blanket just enough that it's not on my face. I look up at him. "Come on Mags it's time to get up."

"UGH fine." I sit up and fix my shirt under the blanket i put both feet on the floor and climb out of bed. "Happy?" I ask sticking both my arms out.

"Ecstatic." Jake says laughing as he lays down onto my bed. Does he want his smell to permanently be on my bed? I walk over to the closet and grab my dress of the hanger throwing it over my arm. Walking over to my dresser to grab Underwear and a bra.

"I can help pick those out too Mags if you want." Jake say laughing.

"No thanks i think i have it covered Jake." I grab a lacy black bra and matching underwear and head into the bathroom to change my clothes.


i brush my teeth and walk out running a brush through my hair.

"What am i doing with this?" I ask holding up my hair.

"Leave it down i love your hair down just throw a bow in or something."

I walk over and grab a pink headband that has a little bow on the side. I put on a tiny bit of black eyeliner a pair of heels switch my ring from my right hand to my left and i'm done.

While i had done all of this Jake had been laying on my bed with his eyes closed.

"Will this do?" I ask and when he opens his eyes i spin in a circle for him. He smiles really big.

"Perfect." He stands up. "I don't think you'll need a coat or anything it's supposed to be really hot all day."

I nod.

"You ready to go?" He asks.

"Uh ya just let me grab my phone and keys." I go to put them in my pockets realize i don't have them and grab a small purse that is just big enough for these two things, my wallet and a pack of gum.

"Lets grab something to eat before we go." Jake suggests. We go downstairs and i eat my usual frozen waffle. Jake grabs a bowl of coco krispies.

After were done eating i offer Jake a piece of gum that he accepts and i pop another stick into my mouth.

We get into Jake's convertible i buckle my seat belt and when Jake starts the car without doing the same i unbuckle while the cars still in park and lean over him.

"Maggie what are you doing?"

I nuzzle the side of his neck. "I just wanna..." I say seductively pausing for effect i trail my nose up his cheek.

"You just wanna what?" Jake asks sounding breathless.

"I just wanna.." I inch my lips towards his and i finally get what i was looking for. "Buckle your seat belt." I say just as seductively it takes a second to process but when it does i already have the seat belt across his chest and i'm trying to get it to click when Jake laughs and does it himself.

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