14. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Andrew walks up the stairs to go call Jenna leaving just me and Jake.

"So now we have to go get Invader Zim." Jake picks me up throwing me over his shoulder and i squeal.

"WAIT! my purse!" I yell.

"You don't need it." He says slapping my butt.

"But my money!"

"I'll pay don't worry about it." He carries me outside.

"Jake put me down!" I start to squirm in his arms to try and get down.

I'm laughing as i smack him in the butt.

"Did you just smack my butt?"

"Yup." I say smacking it again. He smacks mine back.

"JAKE!" I yell laughing. being up side down does that to me. All the blood is in my face and i can feel a headache start to come on. But every time i'm upside down i laugh uncontrollable it's weird. Jenna thinks it's hilarious.

Jake opens the door and throws me into the car which is a convertible and i land laying down in the back seat my legs going over the side of the car. Jake climbs in after me and straddles my legs. He has his arms propping him up on both sides of me head. I'm still laughing when Jake smiles and kisses me. I take a hold of his hair and pull him closer opening my mouth.

Maxs pov

I watch as Jake carries Maggie out of the house over his shoulder. They smack each other in the butt and Maggie's laughing really hard. I watch him throw her into the back of his car and climbing in after her. I watch as he kisses her.

I'm standing in my bedroom looking out the window. Maggie hasn't seemed to notice yet but i have the perfect view of her bedroom. She hasn't noticed because i always leave my curtains closed peeking out of them to watch her.

I can't see into her room during the day but at night as long as the lights on i can see everything. I watched Jake take care of her last night i watched her undress in front of him. I watched him climb into bed with her only in his boxers and i watched them kiss. I wondered if Maggie let him fuck her after the light went out last night.

She seemed fine right now but she wasn't last night. I knew she wasn't now either. They never were. The last girl i had gone after had killed herself after a month of pretending to be fine. I had dated her for a few weeks like i had planned to with Maggie. I raped her in the back of my car one night i had talked her into making out with me and when i tried to go farther she wouldn't let me and i don't like being told no. She hadn't had a Jake to look after her either.

I watch as Jake buries his hands in her hair and starts to kiss down her neck her head turning to the side her eyes closed mouth slightly opened she has the very well kissed look around her lips.

I think about her crying under me last night trying to get away and i start to get hard. I loved it when they yelled, when they tried to fight me off.

Jake moved to her collar bone. Maggie pulled his lips back to hers. I laughed aloud. Go ahead Maggie enjoy Jake's touches and kisses now because when i'm done with you you'll cringe away from everyones touch even precious Jake's.

I know Jake's in love with her and she's probably in love with him too even if she doesn't know it yet. I was going to ruin his chances though make sure she never wanted to be with anyone ever. Hopefully they don't fuck that way i can take Maggie's virginity one thing i know Jake wants. I'll probably have to wait until i'm about to rape her before i'll know if they did or not. i doubt they'd be into having sex with the light on.

Jake's pov

I kissed down Maggie's neck and to her collar bone my hands buried in her hair. God i love her hair. She pulled my lips back to hers. God i love her lips. She let my tongue enter her mouth. God i love her taste. I want to taste all of her. I want to touch all of her. Oh god we had to stop or i'd be carrying her back into the house up the stairs and onto her bed. I kissed her harder. Sleeping next to her last night had been amazing i wanted to do it forever even if i didn't get to wake up next to her but to her falling out of the bed i didn't care. I loved that she needed me so much needed me for protection trusted me to take care of her.

My hands started to roam her body. I was so glad that there wasn't really any little kids on this street most people were working so know one was there to see me and Maggie make out. I ran my hands down her sides and over her stomach. I put my hands under her shirt so i could feel her skin. I wished i could kiss her stomach but the car wasn't going to allow it. There wasn't enough room for me to move down so i could have access to it. I wondered if Maggie was going to throw me off her again like when we were at my house. She didn't instead she put her hands into my shirt too running her cool fingers down my hot skin. over my stomach up to my chest i shivered. She pulled one hand from my shirt and grabbed one of mine. i stopped moving them immediately pulling away to look at her to see if she wanted to stop. Her lips were swollen and pink from my kisses Her brown eyes looked into mine as she started to move my hand. She moved it up until my whole hand covered her breast.

I wanted her so badly all of her. Without my permission my hand started to form around her chest. I looked Maggie in the eyes as i touched her. Her brown eyes staring at me with a emotion that i couldn't place. I had to stop there's no way that she wanted this she just wanted me to touch her where Max had. Well now i had she got what she wanted. I got what i wanted to though how long have i wanted to feel her chest.

A very long damn time. i've always wanted to touch her even since we were kids she was the first girl i ever crushed on. Not even Andrew knew that though. I never stopped liking her either. She was the one to start hating me after the first time we threw her in the pool. Liking Maggie is my deepest darkest secret and it's about to come out because i can't hold back anymore not when were this close. not when shes letting me kiss her and touch her. She probably didn't even want me to touch her just wanted me to erase what Max did.

I pulled my hand out of her shirt and started to climb out of the car. Maggie sat up confused. "Whats wrong?"

I didn't answer i walked over to the drivers side and climbed in looking at the steering wheel i spoke to her. "You should get in the front."

Maggie climbed into the front fixing her shirt then fixing her hair. When she was all done she turned to me. "Did i do something wrong?" She buckled her seat belt and i did the same.

I backed out of the driveway and we were leaving the street when i finally spoke. "Maggie I love kissing you and I love that you let me feel you." I paused.

"But.." Maggie added for me.

"But.." I searched for the right words to say without spilling my heart out not ready for that just yet. "I want you to let me touch you because you want me too not because you want to wash away what Max did to you. You told me to kiss you last night because you wanted me to be the last one to kiss you not him. Did you actually want ME to kiss you or would you have told anyone to kiss you as long as it wasn't Max?"

Maggie looks at her hands.

"Maggie am i the one you want? do you want me? or am i just convenient?"

She looks up and looks at me staring at my face. i look back as best i can while trying to watch the rode looking back and forth. She searches in my eyes for something. I'm not sure what. I pull into the parking lot in front of the video store i park and turn off the engine taking off my seat belt and turning to her. She also takes off her seat belt.

I wait for her answer my heart racing. "Do you want me Maggie?" I whisper.

"Jake I.." My heart starts to crumble and my stomach is full of butterflies. She looks into my eyes and before i know what shes doing her lips are on mine. I wrap my arms around her waist which is very hard to do because of the gearshift. Shes pecking my lips over and over as she whispers. "I do.. I do want you.. Oh Jake." I kiss her until she pulls back and sits back into her seat were both breathing heavily. I smile really wide at her unable to contain my happiness.

She wants me. Maggie wants me. 

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