35. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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We go out to the car and get in. I stare out the window slightly embarrassed. I've never had to buy condoms before.

Jake parks in front of a Cvs and we get out. Jake takes my hand and pulls me into the store.

I grab a basket and Jake brings me to the condom isle. He starts looking at them I blush and look at the ground.

"What do you think?" He asks.

I blush deeper. "I dunno you pick." Jake looks at me.

"Mags what's wrong?"

"I've never had to um.. you know buy condoms before." Jake laughs.

"Mags you are such a child." I look at him.

"Am not."

He laughs again. "Alright sure."

I pout. "Come on Mags help me pick some out."

I look at the wall and see all the different types. Who knew there were so many.

"How many do you think we'll need? You'll be put on birth control soon so not to many but we should be prepared for a lot of sex because we do have a lot of sex." Jake says thinking about this.

"How about you pick out the condoms and i'll go find some ice cream and candy."

"Alright." He says nodding.

I hand him the basket and go to the freezer section.

I end up picking chocolate fudge brownie ice cream along with some chocolate chip cookie dough.

I go over to isle of candy and grab a big bag of kit kats and another bag of milky ways. I carry all of that back to the condom isle were Jake is with a bunch of boxes in the basket.

I put in the food and look into the boxes.

"Jake I don't know when i'm going to be put on birth control but i doubt were going to need ten boxes of twelve packs."

Jake smiles. "We might."

I roll my eyes. "Jake i don't think we'll have sex 120 times in less then a month."

Jake sighs. "Fine we'll only get nine boxes."




"Alright Six." Before i can fight anymore Jake puts away four boxes and drags me to the register.

The cashier looks to be around are age and she smiles at Jake. We take the stuff from are basket and start to put them on the counter when Jake sets the six boxes of condoms on the counter she looks slightly disappointed.

"Wow you guys must be busy." She jokes.

I look at her name tag. Lulu? What kind of name is that?

Jake smiles. "Yes very busy."

I blush and look at the ground while Jake pays. I can't believe he brought me to buy condoms and why would the cashier have to comment on it.

"Wow maximum size. You must be large." She snaps her gum and puts the box into the bag. Is this girl for real?

Who talks about this with your cashier it's like if a girl bought tampons and the guy cashier went wow extra absorbent you must bleed a lot. I like a woman who can bleed.

Jake smiles at me. "Well as long as i'm big enough for Mags."

My mouth falls open. Why is he encouraging this! Why me!

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