Why Are You Here

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I turn around.


"Hi," she says.

"Why are you here?"

"Well, um- I kind of, maybe, might be pregnant," she grins.

"Oh my Gods, how long have you known?"

"I didn't. I've been here since last night. They had me stay. I felt horrible stomach pains. They honestly had no idea until this morning I was actually pregnant. Neither did I."

"How far along are you, at least?"

"Seven months," she laughed.

"You were pregnant for seven months and didn't notice?"


"Oh, well, that's surprising."

"Yeah. Speaking of surprising, why are you here?"

"Percy was in an accident. Not bad, pretty sure he's coming home today," I tell her.

"Do know what caused it?"

"Not yet," I tell her.

"Oh, get ahold of me later and tell me, would you?"

"Yeah, no problem."


"Mommy!" I hear when Piper opens the front door.

"Hi, Sophie."

"Can I please stay the night?" She asks, exaggerating please.


"It's fine," she says and laughs.

"I'm coming to pick you up in the morning. Unless you don't wanna see how the baby is," I tell her.

"Okay!" Sophia grins, and runs back into the house.

"Charles! Luke!" I call.

They both come running down the hall.

"C'mon boys, daddy's back."

They both run out to the car.

"Thanks for watching them, it-" I start, but never finish.

"Mommy! Open the door!" I hear them scream.

"It means a lot. See you tomorrow!"

"Bye," she says, and smiles again.

I open the door for the boys and let them in their seats.

Before they start fighting, which they love to do, I distract them.

"Hey boys, what's in two days?"

"Birthday!" Luke screams.

"Shush!" Charles shushes him.

"How old are you turning?" Percy asks them.

"Three!" Charles yells.

It's hard to believe that my boys are turning three already. That means that Sophia's going to be six. How will I do this.

So I updated 😏 surprise.

My birthdays in a week. may or may not update then.

Kik me? clt_00

I found a new addiction. Dane DeHaan and Kill Your Darlings 😍

It scared me when y'all comment. is it good is it bad?? let me know (:

I'm kind of a new person now. It's okay, I'm still cool ✌️


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