Suprise, suprise!

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I am so happy to get done with five chapters already. Thanks for reading!



I had a doctors appointment a week after my birthday. Percy had to go work. When I got there I had to fill out paperwork. I just wanted to know about my stomach and why is like this. I think it might have been the birthday cake (I didn't tell Percy). Finally I got to go in. "Hello Mrs.Jackson. I'm Dr. Plabus. Let's start, would you lift your shirt so I could see your stomach? Good! Now let me see here..." She looked at my stomach for a while and told me to hold on a second. Then I sat there, but in what seemed like a long while, she walked in. " Well Mrs.Jackson, you are pregnant!" I was pregnant?! Wow. I wasn't expecting that. " Am I free to go now Dr.?" I asked wanting to tell Percy. "Yes you may go, but you have to come back once we are ready, is that ok?" Percy wouldn't mind so I said yes. I was nervous. We only had been married six months! What will he say?


"Annabeth! I'm home!" Percy yelled as he walked through the house. "Hi Perce, love you." I muttered. It was time to tell him. "Honey, what's wrong? I'm sorry I was gone so long! Jason needed help." He was worried. So was I. "Percy, I'm pregnant." I did it! But his reaction was still to come. "That's great! Can we tell? Or do you wanna wait?" I was asked two things I didn't know how to answer. "Let's wait," I decided happily. "What were you helping Jason with?" I asked. "Well he wants to marry Piper but doesn't know if it's the right time..."

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