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"C'mon Percy!" Annabeth yelled over Sophia's crying. "I'm trying! It's hard getting the car seat out! With a baby!" "Seaweed Brain! C'mon! I gotta feed her! It's nap time anyway!" She screamed. Wow. Sophie was stressing her out. I really wanted to help. I got her in the house and took her to her room. Annabeth went to the other room to take a nap, again, and asked me to change Sophie's diaper. One I opened it, her room was instantly filled with a foul odor. I ran into Annabeth and I's room. "Wise Girl! Help! Sophia's gonna stink up the whole house!" She woke up and glared at me. "You left her alone? Seaweed Brain! You are horrible!" She yelled and ran out. She came back with Sophia and set her on our bed. "There now she and I can sleep. Go sleep on the couch. Now," she commanded. Wow, she's bossy. I went to lay on the couch, and realized I was more tired than I thought...

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