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"Sophie, are you ready to find out if you're going to have a brother or sister?" I asked.

"Brubber!" she yelled.

She wanted a brother so badly. She didn't want a sister as bad as a brother.

We went into the office. I wish Percy was here. I mean, he needed to be here. But instead, he had to give a little girl swimming lessons today. He could have cancelled but I said he didn't have to. Inside I wanted him to.

"Annabeth Jackson," one of the nurses called. She smiled at me. Then she smiled at Sophie.

"Are you ready?" she asked me as we walked to my room.

"Yes, I cannot wait. Only three more months!" I said.

The nurse did her simple little things, but when it was time for the big event, a doctor came in.

By the time she was going to start, Sophie wanted me to hold her. I couldn't, so I told her to count how long it took until we found out what her sibling was. She agreed.

"Okay, Annabeth. This is it. You're having... boys!"

Oh I'm so excited! Percy will be to! I can't believe we're having boys! wait a second... boys?

"Boys as in more than one?" I ask her.

"Yes, twins. Twin boys. Well, Annabeth, I guess that's all, unless you need something?"

"No I'm fine, thanks. Come on Sophie."

Sophie comes and she has no clue what's going on.

"Are you excited, Sophie?" I ask her.

"Bou wha Moma?"

"You're going to have two brothers," I tell her and she smiles.

That means I'm going to have three kids... oh no. Sophie's already a handful.

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