Hello, Boys

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"My water broke."

"Oh my gods!" he says and goes to find Jason and Piper. He's going to take me to the hospital, but tell them where we're going and why. They also have to watch Sophia.

"Moma, what's wong?" Sophia asks.

"Your brothers are coming."


Percy comes back with Jason.

"Sophie, come with Aunt Piper and me," he tells her, wondering if she will agree.

"Otay," she says and makes him pick her up.

"Thanks," I mouth to him.

He takes me to the car. We're lucky the hospital is closer to us than it is from our house.

"Keep calm," Percy breaks the silence.

"I could barely keep calm with one, now you want me to stay calm with two?

"Okay, sorry."

"Just hurry up! Ow!" I yell as I feel a contraction.

We finally arrive, and rush in to the front desk lady.

"My wife's in labor!" he said to her.

They somehow immediately got me in. Not many babies want to be born in November I guess.

Once they got in I was 6 centimetres. I still had a while to go. But I was that much in the car? Seemed like a short ride, though.

Percy came in a while later, as he had to make some calls.

"Piper and Jason are coming. Hazel and Frank are coming in an hour."

"Does that mean Sophie's coming?"

"No, Jason's dropping her off at my moms," he said.

I have no clue how they got here so fast, but Jason and Piper were here.

Before I got to greet them, a nurse chopping on her gum came in.

"Ten," she says and walks out.

"What was that about?" Jason asked.

"Guys, they're coming to get me. I'm about to-," I stopped in pain. "Ow! Ouch!" I yell.

They come in and take me to a little room.

"Mrs. Jackson, this is going to hurt worse than your other childbirth did."

"Fine," I breathed wanting to get it all over with.

I missed Percy, and he was in the waiting room. After seeing Sophie, born, he didn't wanna see it again.

I start pushing, once they tell me to. She was already right. It was worse.

I heard crying. Its the cry of just one out of three of my children.

"Push!" the doctor told me.

Oh, I pushed all I could I was too weak. One was enough.

I heard another cry, signalling that I was done.

Percy came in, and smiled. "You did it," he said.

"Yeah, wanna see them?" I ask wanting to see them, also.

"Yeah," he says.

The nurse bring them over to me.

"Look at them!" Percy say, manning how tiny they are.

"Yes," I say.

"Hello, boys," we both say together.

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