And Shes Here

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"Daddy?" I hear one of the kids say from outside the door.


"Is the baby here yet?"

"The nurse will come out, then we can go see her."

"But is she here?"

"I don't know we'll have to wait and see."

"Is her name gonna be Corn?"

"No," Percy says. I can hear him laugh.

"You ready?" A nurse asks me.

"As ready as I can be," I laugh.

"Here she comes," the doctor says.

I hear crying. She's here. Our daughter. Our last child. Hopefully.

They bring her to me. I can finally focus, I couldn't with Sophie or the twins.

She's gorgeous. Dark hair and sea green eyes, just like Percy.

"Mommy!" Charles gasps.

"Is her name Corn?" Luke asks.

I look at Percy and laugh.

"No. Her name is..."


"I like that," I say and smile.

"Hali Corn!"

"No. Hali Alina."

Percy smiles.

"So boys?" They both turn around. "Are you going to help your mommy out with your sister?"

"I am!" Sophia says, raising her hand.

"I'm not! I'm gonna play!"Charles giggles.

"I wanna!" Says Luke.

"I have two helpers then?"

"C'mon, help Mommy!" Sophia says.

"Okay," Charles says, starting to giggle again.

"You guys ready to go home?"

"Yeah! It's my birthday!" Luke says.

"Mine too!"

"Yes boys, we know. You'll have to share it now."

"With who?"

"With your sister."

"Oh no!"

Sophia giggles.

Okay so y'all, school started again so I may not get to update every week but I'll try.

The baby arrived(:

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Thanks dolls! 😘

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