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"A sister!" Sophia screams and runs around the room.

"Sophia Marie Jackson sit down in that chair and stay there," I scold her.

"No!" she says.

I shake it off, not wanting to cause a scene.

"Congrats!" the doctor says. "you can come to the front desk and pay and then you can leave."

I walk up to the desk, pay the money, then leaves, as she said.

"Sophia, do not ever scream and run like that in a building." I tell her as soon as we get in the car.

"But I get a sister!"

"Yeah, that doesn't mean that you can yell and scream all you want. You know how to behave."

"Mommy?" Charles asks.


"I wanna go home!"

"Is everyone buckled? We have a twenty minute drive so we'll be home soon guys."

"Okay!" Luke replies, the only one.

They all fall asleep, so it's a rarely quiet drive home.

I try to call Percy, failing. Maybe I should wait to surprise him when he gets home.

I carry all the kids in, one by one, and set them in their beds.

I have at least an hour before they wake so I go to the kitchen to eat whatever.

They complain that I eat all the food, but I have cravings since I'm pregnant.

They don't realise yet that in the one who buys it.

Suddenly the phone rings and I run, well not really run, as fast as I can to get it.


"Annabeth!" the voice says, urgently.

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