The meeting

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I almost skipped this chapter, but it's kind of important so I'm glad I didnt!



When we were driving to the meeting Annabeth took a nap. She had been very sleepy lately, and having strange cravings. Last night she wanted cereal, eggs, and steak. When we got there she was excited. I wasn't as excited, but I was happy. "Hi everyone!" Annabeth said as she got out of the car. Piper and Jason were sitting to the left holding hands. Rachel was in the middle. Thalia was sitting next to her, talking with her. Hazel was to the right sitting by Frank. I hadn't heard from them in a while, so I didn't know anything about them lately. Grover and Juniper were the in the last set of chairs. Annabeth and I sat by Jason and Piper. We all started chatting, and then ordered food. Everybody looked at Annabeth and laughed after her list. Then when we got our drinks, Jason made an announcement. He stood up and knelt down. "Piper McLean, I love you and promise I always will. Will you marry me?" Her reaction was funny. She jumped up, kissed him, and screamed yes. "Congrats Piper! Your wish at my wedding came true!" Annabeth said. I saw Hazel frown out of the corner of my eye. I chuckled to myself. We waited until we ate to share our news. The girls all admired Piper's ring while we waited. Annabeth didn't eat her food slow, she ate it fast. I bet she would have ate it quicker if not in public. Then it was time. "Everybody, Percy and I have some news to share! I'm pregnant!" Annabeth squealed. Everybody got stirred up after this. "I can't wait! How long?" Ugh, here we go again. "Almost two months." Annabeth said.


"Percy I'm glad we told everyone. The doctor called today and I need to got tomorrow. Do you wanna go?" Annabeth asked when we got home. "Sure, let's go to bed. We got a lot of excitement tonight." I said. I was already lying in bed, about to pass out.

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