Christmas Morning

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I close my eyes.

This is the first time I've had sleep in a while.

"Mommy," I hear Sophie say.

I look up. She is standing there with tears down her face.

I go to her, pick her up, and take her to her room.

"What do you need?" I ask.

"I saw something," she whispers.

"Sophia, I know you're excited for Christmas, but go to bed. You didn't see Santa."

"No mommy. My dream."

"What was it?" I ask.

"A monster. Very scary,"

"Well," I say. "Monsters don't exist."

"Mommy?" she asks again.

As soon as she says it, I feel sick. I try to last through it, because I refuse to be sick.

"Yeah?" I say, hoping this is her last question.

"Santa will be here soon."

"Yes," I say. "Now go to bed."

I kiss her, then walk to bed.

I stop by the bathroom, feeling like I'm going to throw up.

Just as I bend down, I spill out the food in my stomach.

I feel better as soon as it's done. This is the first time I've felt sick.

I knew one thing.

I was pregnant.

Wanting it to be a surprise for Percy, I find a box. Inside, I write a note.

This present will arrive in: 9 months

I write his name on it and write my name, so he knows it's from me.

This may be the best Christmas ever.


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