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BTS x GOT7 Smut/Fluff Book by SarcasticallySaying
BTS x GOT7 Smut/Fluff Bookby 🥵 에이사 🥵
This book just what the title is. The book contains GOT7 x BTS, GOT7 x GOT7, and BTS x BTS -The first couple chapters might be lame but I'm trying to start writing again...
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Agent Jackson: FBI by WiseWolf826
Agent Jackson: FBIby Mary-Kate
Who is Percy Jackson? Demigod son of Poseidon? Seaweed Brain? Fearsome FBI Agent? Stone cold fighter? Spy? Join Percy as he embarks on a journey to save the world- agai...
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When the Arrow Flies - A Pertemis Story by Chaos3127
When the Arrow Flies - A Pertemis...by Chaos3127
Percy Jackson, the great hero, had been relieved for the defeat of the Earth Mother, Gaea, only to turn around and find out that the love of his love, Annabeth Chase, ha...
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Percy Goes to Hogwarts - [Percy in Hogwarts Series:Book 1] ✓ by __quxxn
Percy Goes to Hogwarts - [Percy in...by ♕
Percy gets a letter from Hogwarts asking him to attend the school for sixth year after his holidays.What happens when the two worlds crash? Takes place after the Giant W...
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogueby Olga Guevara
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
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Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackson X YJ) by hppjmxrgosg
Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackso...by hppjmxrgosg
Percy Jackson was tired of the hero gig. It was bloody and messy and had only ever left her bodies to count and memories she wished she could forget. After being impriso...
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LimeLight by softlalis
LimeLightby Lili ♔
Hello K-netizens of Seoul, South Korea. Here we present you The Limelight of Lisa Manoban.
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Anti x child reader (Completed) by booped_snoot
Anti x child reader (Completed)by Anti
The soft side of Anti shines trough the darkness in a little childs life.
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Fix my Heart || Percy Jackson x Reader [COMPLETED] by Calum8mydad
Fix my Heart || Percy Jackson x Re...by Punexpected
Y/N has survived 10 years alone on the run from monsters. It's a wonder how she was able to defend herself for such a long time. But eventually, the monster that would k...
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Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Astoria_Greengrass
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and...by lum
**UNDER EDITING** Upon being betrayed by all his friends and cheated on by his girlfriend, Percy Jackson flees from Camp Half-Blood, broken hearted with an unquenchable...
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Twisted Destiny (Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction) Under MASIVE editing by simplyvvoid
Twisted Destiny (Grey's Anatomy Fa...by simplyvvoid
"My name is Amber Karev. Does it ring a bell? No? Nobody? That is okay, i am used to be invisible, guess be careful what you wish for." Amber is Alex's Karev...
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In the Past by Maddin20
In the Pastby Maddin20
The Seven are sucked back in time to ancient Greece. Will they be able to get home, or will they remain trapped in the past forever? Find out as you read about their jou...
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Heroes of Chaos 2: Restarting the Story by CeeCee1800
Heroes of Chaos 2: Restarting the...by CeeCee Lynn
This is the sequel to "Heroes of Chaos: The Returning Soldier". We will find out why Percy left Earth and joined Chaos's army. With Peter and Parker's help we...
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Adopted by Kio Cyr by nothisisPATRICKstar2
Adopted by Kio Cyrby nothisisPATRICKstar2
Jayden parents died when she was just 2 and was put in an orphanage. She has been there everyday until she gets adopted. But then she gets kidnapped. Read to find out...
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Adopted by GOT7 by kpop_trash_yo
Adopted by GOT7by HALEY
A girl, with a bad/dangerous past, meets the boys, let's see what happens
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He wasn't always a bad boy, he didn't always used to kill, he was a good innocent boy who's purity was just tarnished. She is a pastor's daughter, she's always been good...
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His Hope (Only His Series: Book 2) *OLD VERSION* by BewareTheBear
His Hope (Only His Series: Book 2)...by BewareTheBear
"So, you're human." "Yes." "And you're pregnant with twins." "Yup." ~ "But she'll love him he will never need anything else...
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The Return of the Sea by Xanviere
The Return of the Seaby Xanvier
What will happen when Hero of Olympus will jump into the Boiling Lava. Will he survive it. Will he like it when he again gets involved with the gods not just of one but...
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Destiny [D.H.] by TheQuietHufflepuff
Destiny [D.H.]by TheQuietHufflepuff
Eliana Hart comes from a long line of born werewolves. But... Two of her best friends, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, don't know that. Eliana's home life is far fro...
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Instagram ★ Markson by parkinsidemejimin
Instagram ★ Marksonby ☁︎ Adalene ☁︎
Mark runs a famous fan account for Jackson in which with the help of friends they become markson. [completed]
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