Stepbrother / 2jae✔ by SpiritualGotBangtan
Stepbrother / 2jae✔by SpiritualGotBangtan
He has a step brother who almost killed him. He has a step brother who mixed blonde hair dye with his shampoo. He has a step brother who is a bully. But he himself doesn...
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Kim Yugyeom x Reader: Same World Apart... by ionlydream
Kim Yugyeom x Reader: Same World A...by IOnlyDream
"I love you, but............" Y/N is a singer in LA. She lets slip in an interview that her celebrity crush is Yugyeom, and a few months later he does the same...
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Markson // instagram by parkinsidemejimin
Markson // instagramby Abby
Mark runs a famous fan account for Jackson in which with the help of friends they become markson
  • jacksonwang
  • mark
  • parkjinyoung
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FROM THE SHADOWS || JJK BTS (Slow Update) by Igotbangtan777
Highest Rank #16 in Fanfiction (My Killer) Winner at The Fiction Awards 2017, as Best Fanfiction Story 2017 and Best Of The Beginners 2017 ### He smells like blood. ###...
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GOT7 IMAGINES by akamarks
-A compilation of fluffy, sweet sometimes tear-jerking imagines for the seven loves of my life and my reasons for living? -7 or nothing 7 or never -Requests are open [DM...
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Got7 Smuts And Imagines by Soonhoon_chimchim
Got7 Smuts And Imaginesby Soonhoon_chimchim
{Requests Closed} Bunch of Got7 imagines'ㅅ'Fluff, Smut, Requests Member x Reader I'll have a fluff and smut of each member, if there's something specific you'd like abou...
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Secrets | Percabeth AU by Brainy_dolphin
Secrets | Percabeth AUby FLAN
[Completed] [Previously Ranked #1 in #Percabeth 8/9/18} It all started in San Francisco, when these opposites met. Percy Jackson, who lives life as a superstar. Annabet...
  • annabethchase
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The Betrayed Prince |Percy Jackson Fanfic| by TheSecretiveAngel
The Betrayed Prince |Percy Jackson...by ♛ l e a n n e l a x a ♛
A/N: I do not own anything except for the things I made, all belongs to Rick Riordan. I know, I know. It's not the most original story. But...You know what? I'll do the...
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The son of the Hearth, Moon, Sun, Underworld, Spring and Marriage by noelicoan
The son of the Hearth, Moon, Sun...by Noël
When Perseus Jackson was young, he was constantly abused by his loving stepfather, Gabe Ugliano. *snorts* One day, when Sally Jackson went to kindergarten to pick Percy...
  • artemis
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Kpop Imagines by kpopdramallama
Kpop Imaginesby kpopdramallama
Kpop imagines/scenarios/drabbles/ reactions/ oneshots. It's my first time writing about anything Kpop so let's hope this turns out well. Gifs/pictures/videos are not mi...
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Unspoken (NamGi) by Trash_4_Yoongi
Unspoken (NamGi)by My Name Is What?
Yoongi is the new kid at school. He's from a rich family and keeps to himself a lot. Everyone at school thinks he's very fortunate. However, Yoongi has a big secret that...
  • hopemin
  • j-hope
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The gods read Percy Jackson  by phantasyfan
The gods read Percy Jackson by Merle_phantasyfan
A bright light, a jump in the past and you get the ordinary day of Percy Jackson. Poseidon is proud, Athena is annoyed, Hades is scared, Zeus is... Zeus, Present is past...
  • annabethchase
  • percy
  • gods
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Forever (Michael Jackson) by isabeIIemarie
Forever (Michael Jackson)by Isabelle
Michael Jackson and Madeline Winters met one summer day in 1970, instantly beginning a lifetime of friendship. As children, they became inseparable, and they soon establ...
  • 80s
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ODIUM »»» PJO FanFiction by BlueCiffee
ODIUM »»» PJO FanFictionby BlueCiffee
Odium \ odi·um \ ˈō-dē-əm \ (n.) widespread hatred or disgust for someone. ➤➤➤ "She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half godde...
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Celebrity Status [1] by writerbug44
Celebrity Status [1]by Madeline
Holly Thorne has a normal life in Minnesota. Normal friends and family and grades. Her personality may be a little hyper and bubbly, but all in all, she's normal. Well...
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Anti x child reader by Ichmagbaconover9000
Anti x child readerby Bacon is nice
The soft side of Anti shines trough the darkness in a little childs life.
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Too late, I'm not your son by AjSummer
Too late, I'm not your sonby AjSummer
Percy Jackson was accused of being a traitor and working for Kronos. When Poseidon doesn't stick up for Percy, he decides he is no longer a son of Poseidon. He neglects...
  • darkside
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My Gif Imagines by Sawyer_Cade_Howelter
My Gif Imaginesby Sawyer Skywalker Jackson Mell...
You may request just look at the form (First Page). The imagines start out short then become longer. I tired to make them gender neutral. I do not own any characters!
  • nicodiangelo
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Forbidden Percabeth by MissEmmaRose
Forbidden Percabethby Emma Rose
Annabeth Chase has had a decent life-until she met Percy Jackson. The irritating yet handsome demigod grabs her heart from the start. But Annabeth's mother, Athena, does...
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