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Once again, these aren't my characters, they are Rick Riordan's!



The wedding was wonderful. Hazel, Thalia, Piper, and Rachel came to visit me after. "I'm so glad you are married! I wish Jason would propose already!" Piper exclaimed. We all were laughing, but I could hear Hazel mutter "Same with Frank" under her breath. We finally cut the cake after two straight hours of dancing. It was fun dancing with my friends and family, but my favorite part was dancing with Percy. He looked into my eyes and I looked back into his. That green was so pretty, and I could look into it forever now. The cake was delicious. Blue and white, and they were beautiful together.


The next day was amazing. Sally cooked us dinner. We laid around until she came. It was official, but we needed a house. We couldn't live with Sally the rest of our lives! The next day we went searching. The first house was horrible. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a horrible stinch! The second house was okay. It was a three bedroom, two bath with a lavender smell. We considered it. Then was the third house. Five bedrooms, two bath, and by the ocean. What else would me need? It was perfect.

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