To Make Matters Worse

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"Mommy!" Sophia calls.

"Sophia, you know I have to work," I tell her.

I just got a new job, and I was expected to know almost everything about it tonight.

"Momma!" One of the twins call.

I finally decide to walk into the living room.

"Where are you guys?" I call out.

I don't have enough time for this, and Percy works all day so I have to watch them. I then had to work nights, and he got the easy job.

"My room!" Sophia yells.

I go up the stairs and into her room.

I walk in to see a huge mess. Paint covers the walls, along with crayon. Something wet is soaked into the carpet.

"Sophia Marie Jackson, what did you do?"

"It wasn't me!" she cries.

I look at the twins and they smile.

"Charles! Luke! You know better!" I yell.

I hate yelling at them.

I take them to their room and tell them to stay there until I let them out.

When I'm about ready to go back downstairs, I feel sick to my stomach.

I run to the bathroom, puking once I get there.

Then, the phone decides it has to ring.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Sophia calls.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"Aunt Hazel," she tells me.

I grab the phone and she runs off.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Annabeth, Hazel is in labor. I have no idea what to do," he tells me.

"I'll be there as soon as I can," I tell him.

"Thanks," he says and hangs up.

Looks like all my plans for today are ruined.

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