Annabeth's birthday

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I'm so sorry about the short chapters! I run out of ideas. Please leave comments on any of them to keep them going! (I wouldn't quit though!)



We found the perfect house and settled down. I loved living there too. We were happy and it was beautiful. I was happy, she was happy. We both were. My mom lived not too far away, so she could easily come and help us with anything important. Annabeth's birthday wasn't long from now, at least a week though. I was going to buy her a necklace with an owl on it. I was going "out with the guys" today. It was pretty so Annabeth could decorate like she loved to do. I had two hundred dollars when I went in and came out with fifty. She would love it.


The cake was ready, and the present. Annabeth would be up any minute. I asked Tyson to help with the cake and he did. It said 'happy 24th birthday! Love you!' on it. It was plain but pretty. I wanted it to be just us, so I didn't inform anyone about the event (even though later we got millions of calls). When she woke up she was confused. "Percy! Holy Hephaustus! What is this about?" Then I'm guessing it hit her because she smiled. "I love you," I said as I kissed her. She opened the presents while I ate the cake. "Percy!! I love it! Thank you sooo much! And I love you," she said as she kissed/tackled me. I kissed her back and we stayed like that for a while. The rest of the day we relaxed on the couch and watched TV.

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