The First Born (part one)

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When I got home I sat Sophie at the table and gave her some animal crackers. She loved those.

I went into the living room, sat down, then Sophie screamed.


I walked there, knowing nothing was wrong, she was just a screamer.

"Juice!" she yelled.

I went to the refrigerator to get her juice and there was a note on there.


Piper's in labor. Jason called me. Come to the hospital as soon as you use this.


I hurried and got Sophie her juice, then got her out to the car.

I went to the hospital and got Sophie out. She was confused.

"Moma, why?"

"Aunt Piper is having her baby," I slowly explained.

"Baby!" she yelled.

"Sophie, quiet down. Now let's go find Aunt Piper . . .," I shush her as we go to the front desk.

"I'm looking for Piper Grace. She's in labor."

"Oh, uh, um," she says looking up the number. "278."

"Thanks," I go and search.

We had to ride the elevator, and we had never ridden in one, so Sophie was amazed.

Piper's room was at the end of the hall, a long walk for a pregnant woman.

I knocked and heard somebody call, "Come in."

I went in the room. Leo was there, talking with Percy. Jason was next to Piper.

"Hi," Piper said, and started breathing hard. Contractions.

A couple of minutes later, a nurse came in.

"I'm sorry, she's 10 centimeters. She's ready. You guys have to go."

We all walked out into the waiting room.

I'm not gonna write a long authors note. You know what I'm gonna say. So . . . .

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