The telling

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I was excited. Sally was coming over with Paul and they were going to tell them. She had to clean up the house, it was a mess. Finally, thirty minutes later they arrived. "Hi Annabeth, Percy. We brought lunch. How are you two doing? It feels like forever since I've seen you!" Sally said. "Hello Sally, we have some news. Would you like to hear it now, or do you want to hear it when we eat?" I asked. I could see Percy roll his eyes. "Could we know now," Sally asked. "You got me excited!" Percy laughed. I could tell he was nervous. It was funny to see his reactions to what I say. He has so many facial expressions. "Well, I'm pregnant!" I announced happily. "Oh my! That's so exciting! We have to have a party! How long?" Sally asked so many questions. "Well I'm almost two months. You guys are the first to know. I'm going to call my mom and dad to tell them after this and then we only have..." I paused I was scared to tell the next two. "...Poseidon and Athena." She looked at me. "Well why don't you just wait to tell them? I mean they won't care will they?" She asked. "I guess that's okay." I said. I was excited that they knew. We finally ate lunch said our good-byes and they left.


"Hey dad. How are you guys? We miss you." I spoke into the phone. "Hey Annabeth I'm glad you called. We miss you too. Is there a reason that you've called? You usually come and see us." I was preparing for the moment. "Well I wanna tell you something. Is mom there? And could you put it on speaker?" I heard him fidgeting. "Hi, Annabeth. We're on speaker. What do you wanna tell us?" Well here goes nothing. "Well I'm pregnant." I heard a giggle and they spoke. "That's great. How long?" I was tired of that question. "Almost two months." I said. "That's wonderful sweetie. I wish I could stay and chat but I gotta go. Love you." I was relived. "Bye. Love you too." I said then hung up. "Percy I cant wait to tell after their reactions!" I squealed. "Now you have to wait a month." he said as he kissed me.

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