In The Hospital

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"Yes?" I answer. I get worried, I've never gotten a phone call when anyone is as urgent.

"Percy's in the hospital. He wanted to call you the whole time, but they won't allow him to yet," Jason spoke.

"How long has he been there? Why is he in there? I need to know these things!"

"There was a car wreck. The only reason you weren't called before me is that I live closer to his work so I just-"

"Just tell me where he is," I sighed.

"Barnes Hospital. Drop off your kids with Piper."

"I'll be there in forty minutes," I tell him.

I go gather the kids, waking them up from their naps.

They sleep the car ride, which is good.

Percy will be fine. He probably just needed to be checked to make sure he was fine.

Piper gladly takes the kids. I don't speak to her, and she acts like that's fine. She knows I'm in a rush.

I quickly arrive to the hospital.

Percy was sitting up in his bed.

"We're about to release him in about an hour. Nothing that serious, only a broken foot," a nurse said.

"Annabeth!" Percy said. "I'm sorry I didn't call you."

I laugh.

"It's fine I'm just glad you're okay."

"Oh wait- my moms calling," Percy said.

He answered the phone and started talking.

I walk out of the room and start looking around the hospital.

The decoration is modern. It's too much for me. TVs, phone charging stations.

"Annabeth?" A voice said behind me.

I turn around.

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