It's Time!

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I'm sorry about skipping ahead. The last chapter was getting long so I didn't mention telling the parents!



We were about to go to bed when it happened. We were in bed already, and Annabeth let out a scream. We still had a month to go, but her water broke. "Oh my gods! Percy grab my bag! We have to go to the hospital! My water broke!" This was frightening! We were a month early, and the baby was ready. I loaded her into the car. "Perce! Hurry! Holy Hephaestus it hurts!" She yelled when I was going as fast as I could. Finally we arrived. "Can we get a room fast? My wife's water broke and it's a month early!" The nurse hurried. When we got into the room Annabeth screamed. "Seaweed Brain! Hurry, I can barely stand it!" When the doctor arrived she checked on Annabeth. "It's fine it's head is coming! Hang in there!"

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