The Wedding (part two)

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"Holy Hephaestus!" Annabeth said to Sophie once we got inside.

"What, Moma?" she asked.

"We get to dance all night!"

"Yay!" Sophie yelled and ran to the dance floor.

"Not, yet. Aunt Hazel and Uncle Frank have to get here first."

"Otay, Moma!"

We waited for about ten minutes then the DJ, which was Leo, started to talk.

"Here come Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zhang!"

Everyone clapped, then they had their first dance.

After that, you could dance or eat. We made Sophie eat, well, Annabeth did.

We ate with her, then Annabeth went to dance with her.

Sophie ran to me ten minutes later, wanted to have "Dada dance!"

Annabeth looked grateful that I took her place. The twins had been hurting her lately.

I started dancing with Sophie. I didn't like the song, but she obviously did.

Leo announced it was time to cut the cake. Sophie heard the word cake and started jumping.

I took her over to watch them cut the cake. After they did, they fed it to each other, blah blah blah.

"Who wants the first piece?" Hazel announced.

"Me! Me Aun Hazel!" Sophie yelled.

Hazel smiled and gave her that piece. Then we walked back to the table.

Annabeth arrived a couple minutes later with her cake.

"Perce- it's almost 11. We should really st-," she paused.

"What's wrong?" I asked, panicking, as she went pale.

"Oh my gods."

"What?" Sophie asked.

"My water broke."

The twinnssssss are coming! Yay!

(I'm sorry about how long this may be but...) It may be a while before I update next. I don't know when, but it may be a while. I'm being bullied and I can't stand it anymore. It's been going on for years. For all I know, I could update tomorrow, or in two days. I don't know. If you read this comment your favourite word! Hehe, just wanna know. Well bye, ;).

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