The Baby

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I wake to yells coming from down the hall.

"Percy? What are the boys yelling about?"

"They're fighting over who gets to show Sophia the present they made her," he mumbles.

I get up to go get them.

"Morning, boys."

"Mommy!" Charles squeals.

"Momma, tell Charles it's my turn!"

"Let's all go put it on her bed. Then she'll see and and both of you would have given it to her."

"Okay," Luke agrees.

They both run up the stairs, which I always find funny.

"There. Now let's go and get dressed."

They pick out their own outfits, which I change as soon as I tell them to go wake Percy up.

"We the same!" Charles says, hopping up and down.

"Yeah," Luke agrees.

I go get them their breakfast, which is just oatmeal, Luke's request.

"Mommy, when is our sister coming!"

"Really soon. She'll be here in a few days," Percy says.

"What do you want to name her?"

"Shelby," Charles says.

Percy starts laughing hysterically.

"No! That's not a name! Corn! Name her Corn!"

"I like corn!" Charles says.

"Does that mean you'll only like your new sister if we name her Corn?"

They both look at me, dead serious [AN: I hate this term it reminds me if Sirius Black] and nod.

Eventually, after discussing more food names we could possibly name the baby, we get to Piper and Jason's.

"Thanks for letting her stay again," I tell Piper.

"No problem. She's probably tired. We had an... incident last night," Piper says. "Just some fighting."

"Oh, well, thank you. I'll see you soon."

"Call me about the baby!"

"I will."

When I get to the car, both Charles and Luke are yelling.

"Percy! Why didn't you stop them?"

"I'm letting them work it out on their own."

"Boys! What's wrong?"

"Sopha says Corn or Lettuce aren't names!"

"Sophia, listen, just let them use their imagination."

"Okay," she yawns.

Everybody except for Charles and I sleep on the way to the doctors.

"Percy, help me get the kids out."

I grab Luke and carry him, along with holding Charles' hand.

Percy has to wake Sophia to get her out. She stars whining.

"Sophia," I warn her.

Everybody sits I'm the waiting room, except for Sophia.

"That baby is ready to come out," the doctor chuckles.

"Yeah. I forgot the due date, I was distracted by too many things."

"No problem, I'll check," the doctor slides over in his chair and looks at a file.

"Have you been hurting at all? Like, any sharp pains or anything?"

"Not recently, no."

"Well the baby was due three days ago."

"Does that mean the baby's dead?" Sophia asks tears forming in her eyes.

"No, she's just a bit later than expected," I explain.

"Oh," she says.

"When do you think she'll be here?"

"Within the next five days," the doctor says.

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