Playing Dumb by SweetLiteracy8
Playing Dumbby SweetLiteracy8
Annabeth wasn't stupid. She was good at reading her situations. When it came to her, Percy, and Nico, it was no different. But in this case, it was hard to keep her own...
  • nico
  • annabeth
  • percy
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Percabeth "The Jealousy Game" by Cats-in-the-ally
Percabeth "The Jealousy Game"by Ally Cat
Percy and Annabeth are madly in love, with Luke and Rachel! They get together to make them jealous, can they do it without falling in love?
  • annabeth
  • pj
  • chase
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Black Water (Camp Half Blood Chronicals) by missgranger1909
Black Water (Camp Half Blood Rose Silverstone
The spirit of Chaos would soon be unleashed, bringing more darkness with him. Half of his work is done. He only needs a soldier, the one who can help Chaos rise and lead...
  • armyofchaos
  • dark
  • godsandgoddesses
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whσ tσ chσσsє? [Percy Jackson Fanfiction] by xxmims1
whσ tσ chσσsє? [Percy Jackson xxmims1
A crush is a liking, aren't I right? But what happens when a demi-god falls for another demi-god? Follow Alexa and how she had to deal with figuring out who her parent i...
  • romance
  • percy
  • adventure
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Ultimate Crossover, Book One: The Fey [PJO, HoO, ToA, MC, KC, Solangelo] by Caliptoa
Ultimate Crossover, Book One: Kayla Stone
Nico di Angelo. Percy Jackson. Annabeth Chase. Piper McLean. Leo Valdez. Will Solace. Frank. Hazel. Carter and Sadie Kane. Blitzen. Hearthstone. Magnus Chase. Alex Fierr...
  • annabeth
  • rick
  • riordan
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On The Run by LoveYouToTheSunNill9
On The Runby raven Queen 9
A Percy Jackson Fanfiction about Annabeth, Thalia, and Lukes Adventures While On The Run.
  • thalia
  • beforethebooks
  • thaluke
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Percy Jackson and the Avengers (Crossover) by iBananaCat
Percy Jackson and the Avengers ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover. This doesn't have the same plot line as all other Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover. Most of those story's don't make sense, and have...
  • avengers
  • percabeth
  • mçu
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PJO crossover with Hunger Games by Kitty_Nox
PJO crossover with Hunger Gamesby Kamber Whitten
Annabeth a Baker born in District 12, with a lot of wisdom and logic goes against Perseus Jackson who is a fisherman in District 4. They are both at the age where they a...
  • annabeth
  • percy
  • hungergames
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Chasing Aegaeon: A Percy Jackson And The Mortal Instruments Crossover by nerdy_booklvr
Chasing Aegaeon: A Percy Jackson Fangirl4evr
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are normal demigods. At least, as normal as demigods get. Then they meet these shadowhunters and their life changes. Jace Herondale and...
  • malec
  • heroesofolympus
  • nicodiangelo
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Annabeth's POV by SriApollo
Annabeth's POVby SriApollo
The title says it all. It is set in camp half blood, during the battle of Labyrinth, after the explosion caused by Percy, in Annabeth's POV.
  • hurt
  • poseidon
  • percyjackson
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The Heartfilia Secret by MysticalBlueWriter
The Heartfilia Secretby Blue
Layla Heartfilia kept a secret. From Lucy From Jude From the world From Percy Jackson Lucy gets a letter from her father telling the Celestial mage that Layla may have k...
  • natsu
  • hazel
  • leo
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Soul Bonded by PrincesOfLuna
Soul Bondedby PrincesOfLuna
Annabeth lost her soulmate at a young age, and hasn't seen him since. Barely remembering anything about him, she has all but given up. Oneshot
  • percabeth
  • percyjackson
  • romance
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Heart by Heart (Percy Jackson fanfic) ( by cooljazzftw
Heart by Heart (Percy Jackson Cooljazzftw
Annabeth left letters in her highschool library six years ago to anyone who found them. Percy was that anyone. The last one told him to live for her. And so he did. Perc...
  • percabeth
  • emotional
  • annabeth
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The Son Of Neptune (Rick Riodan Rewrite by BabyAuroua
The Son Of Neptune (Rick Riodan Baby Auroua
After Percy went missing and Jason finished his quest with Piper and Leo, you will read Annabeth's reaction. Then the next Chapter's will be about what happened to Percy...
  • percabeth
  • piper
  • jason
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Percy Jackson Memes, Text Posts, and Other Things by Weaslette4Queen
Percy Jackson Memes, Text Posts, Weaslette❤️⚡️
Hey Demigods! Come with me and I'll show you around my Camp... Of Fangirly-ness. (It's a beautiful place) Ok but Siriusly. Hey! Welcome to my book of memes and things...
  • nicodiangelo
  • jasongrace
  • frankzhang
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Percabeth One-Shots by smartgirl1209
Percabeth One-Shotsby smartgirl1209
Ok so this is my very first one ever, but here we go.... This is just some one-shots of Percy and Annabeth. I hope you injoy
  • annabeth
  • percabethfanfiction
  • percyjackson
Crossed Paths by IrelandPhoenix
Crossed Pathsby IrelandPhoenix
A child of Hecate and a wizard travels to Camp Half-Blood to warn Chiron of dangerous times coming to both worlds. So Chiron sends the Seven to Hogwarts as demigod amba...
  • deatheaters
  • hermione
  • mcgonagall
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He Gave me a Smile (Percabeth) by BiggestFrazelLover
He Gave me a Smile (Percabeth)by BiggestFrazelLover
"Help?" he asked, almost on his knees. "No," I said, and walked out of the room. "Please?" He said, and I turned around to shove it in h...
  • hoo
  • girls
  • ships
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