A legendary commander: Percy Jackson/ marvels  by romance0906
A legendary commander: Percy romance0906
Over the years they have talked endlessly about a legend among the chaos plant and among the universe as well. He became known as the prince of the chaos plant, hair to...
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  • suprise
  • chaos
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Millions of Secrets by BabyAuroua
Millions of Secretsby BabyTaeTae
Percy Jackson is the heir to millions of dollars, and as a result, struggles with finding someone who loves him for him. What happens when Percy's best friend, Grover, c...
  • pjo
  • fanfic
  • grover
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Hes all mine(A Percabeth a Love Story) by BabyAuroua
Hes all mine(A Percabeth a Love BabyTaeTae
Annabeth moves to New York to live with her aunt and cousins and is happy to be closer to camp and Percy, but what happens when Annabeth finds out that her cousin has a...
  • love
  • percy
  • percabeth
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Powerful New Member. (Percy Jackson + Avengers) by SerinaTheNerd
Powerful New Member. (Percy SerinaTheNerd
Highest rank #298 in Fanfiction They could not believe that they were stalking a teenager! Them the Avengers were spying on some kid because he had a suspicious file! Gr...
  • pjo
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  • percabeth
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Confessions (Percabeth) Book 3/3 by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Confessions (Percabeth) Book 3/3by LoveLifeBooks4eva
You guys know the drill. 28.6.17 It is clean and has a fresh new ending!!! Percy and Annabeth's love is not coming to an end or a beginning, it is going backwards due to...
  • confessions
  • fighting
  • annabethchase
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Percy Jackson: Grandson of Voldemort by suzejace
Percy Jackson: Grandson of suze
When Harry Potter learns that Voldemort has a grandson, what will his reaction be? Apparently not very good. Even after Percy helps the Golden Trio, Harry is...
  • percy
  • harrypercy
  • weasley
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The Daughter Of Night by live_life_with_books
The Daughter Of Nightby Em
1st Place in the Percy Jackson Wattys 2018 * '"So it's settled then." Zeus said, "In order to solidify our truce with Nyx Apollo will marry Nyx's demigod...
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Annabeth as a Mother by Evol_only
Annabeth as a Motherby Jane Maddison
Has anyone else wondered what happened to Percabeth after The Blood of Olympus? Do they stay together? Do they get married? Do they have kids? Here is my idea about what...
  • piper
  • motherhood
  • percabeth
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When Time Eludes You (Percabeth) by Fromyesteryear
When Time Eludes You (Percabeth)by x minie x
"I stood on the tip of my toes to catch a glimpse of his jet black hair through the ever-growing maze of people. He didn't look back as tears rolled down my cheeks...
  • alone
  • percabeth
  • athena
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Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1} by pearjam111
Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}by pearjam111
"You can't seriously expect us to go to a school for magic!" "You want us to what?" ~~~~~ Dumbledore sends out a distress call to the demigods. Volde...
  • thalia
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Accidental Kisses by percabethhhh
Accidental Kissesby percabethhhh
AU. Percy Jackson is the arrogant, cocky player of Goode High School. Annabeth, on the other hand, is the studious girl who tries her best to stay out of his way. They a...
  • jackson
  • frazel
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Breathe (Percabeth AU) by bellaschneeb
Breathe (Percabeth AU)by bella
Annabeth Chase's life is pretty much perfect. She has great grades, amazing friends, and a good image at Goode High School. But all of this is about to change, with a co...
  • percy
  • silenabeauregard
  • rachelelizabethdare
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Agent 306 - A Percabeth Story by The_Mystic_Phoenix
Agent 306 - A Percabeth Storyby TheMysticPhoenix
Annabeth is secret agent in training. She has always dreamt of working for kings and queens. After years of waiting Annabeth gets her first mission, but it isn't the the...
  • hazellevesque
  • percabeth
  • pjo
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Arranged 》Percabeth AU by IceCreamQueen135
Arranged 》Percabeth AUby Queen ❥
❝Every king needs a queen, now don't they?❞ he jeered, looking into his eyes. ❝And it just so happens that you already have one.❞ [Ongoing: 10/30/18 -]
  • jackson
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Crying  by Kawaii_Unicorn5388
Crying by Bella Peppin
Annabeth is a 15 year old girl attending Goode high School with her popular boyfriend. What happens when she catches Drew charm speaking her man. Does she cry? Does she...
  • annabeth
  • leo
  • percabeth
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Young  Volcanos (FEM!PERCY and Avengers) by PennywiseTheGayClown
Young Volcanos (FEM!PERCY and Rolan the FairyBoy
She was never looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword. - Before It Has Begun/We've Already Won - "People keep seeming to think I can't handle myself, I wa...
  • annabeth
  • avengers
  • female
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Pretender (A PJO fanfic) by Alkina1441
Pretender (A PJO fanfic)by SpiritMoonFox
Percy is betrayed by the camp and banished by the gods. Will he survive? And if he does, what will happen if he is forced to fight in another war? Which side will he cho...
  • broken
  • talia
  • pjo
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End of the Line (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by -jessicawilliams
End of the Line (A Percy Jackson Jess 💛
Five years after Percy Jackson's disappearance, Olympus is falling, and their enemies are at a new height of power. Camp Jupiter has been destroyed and its inhabitants s...
  • jupiter
  • anorexia
  • annabeth
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Wanted (A Percy Jackson/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover) by JustAnotherGirlmcg
Wanted (A Percy Jackson/Agents JustAnotherGirlmcg
In the wake of the discovery of Inhumans, Agent, or rather, Director Phil Coulson has made it his prime priority to track and obtain all probable threats. When his missi...
  • wattys2018
  • crossover
  • action
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Can a Haunted Past bring a Brighter Future? by booknerd2736
Can a Haunted Past bring a booknerd2736
The war is over. You would think the hero of this war would be out celebrating, and having fun with everyone. But not Percy Jackson. He can't be happy right now, because...
  • avengers
  • spiderman
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