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A Second Chance by pamsam101
A Second Chanceby Cat
After two years after the big break up Percy and Annabeth have gone separate ways but a calling from their parents has caused them to get together for one more quest. Pe...
  • annabethxpercy
  • comedy
  • gods
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Tortured: Percy Jackson's story (Betrayal) by PercyFanficGuy
Tortured: Percy Jackson's story ( Jay
My betrayal was painful, in fact it was too painful so I left camp half-blood. But now my friends betraying me is the least of my worries. Follow Percy in his journey, h...
  • gods
  • chaos
  • zeus
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Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3 by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3by LoveLifeBooks4eva
They didn't know this would happen. Nobody did. But it did. Now they will pay. *LEMON= SEXUAL CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* *15/6/17 finished editing. It is not the sa...
  • percy
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • athena
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Millions of Secrets by BabyAuroua
Millions of Secretsby BabyTaeTae
Percy Jackson is the heir to millions of dollars, and as a result, struggles with finding someone who loves him for him. What happens when Percy's best friend, Grover, c...
  • fanfic
  • percy
  • fanfiction
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Hes all mine(A Percabeth a Love Story) by BabyAuroua
Hes all mine(A Percabeth a Love BabyTaeTae
Annabeth moves to New York to live with her aunt and cousins and is happy to be closer to camp and Percy, but what happens when Annabeth finds out that her cousin has a...
  • camphalfblood
  • percy
  • percabeth
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Percabeth Betrayed by Ahey_23
Percabeth Betrayedby Ahey
Chaos story but there's a twist! What if the two time hero of Olympus was betrayed? When he leaves, will Olympus fall in the next great war? Another Percy joins Chaos st...
  • betrayed
  • campjupiter
  • chaos
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Annabeth as a Mother by Evol_only
Annabeth as a Motherby Jane Maddison
Has anyone else wondered what happened to Percabeth after The Blood of Olympus? Do they stay together? Do they get married? Do they have kids? Here is my idea about what...
  • marrige
  • love
  • childbirth
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When Time Eludes You (Percabeth) by Fromyesteryear
When Time Eludes You (Percabeth)by x minie x
"I stood on the tip of my toes to catch a glimpse of his jet black hair through the ever-growing maze of people. He didn't look back as tears rolled down my cheeks...
  • abuse
  • athena
  • wattys2018
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I'm sorry, Annabeth by YoungGal
I'm sorry, Annabethby .Young.
If you like, no, SHIP Percabeth, and like torture/adventure stuff, CLICK THIS STORY :D Authors note: Okay I think I need to get this straight… Firstly, all rights (ex...
  • campjupiter
  • love
  • annabethchase
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Percy Jackson: Grandson of Voldemort by suzejace
Percy Jackson: Grandson of suze
When Harry Potter learns that Voldemort has a grandson, what will his reaction be? Apparently not very good. Even after Percy helps the Golden Trio, Harry is...
  • demigod
  • jackson
  • roirdon
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Young  Volcanos (FEM!PERCY and Avengers) by PennywiseTheGayClown
Young Volcanos (FEM!PERCY and Rolan the FairyBoy
She was never looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword. - Before It Has Begun/We've Already Won - "People keep seeming to think I can't handle myself, I wa...
  • annabeth
  • avengers
  • jackson
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Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1} by pearjam111
Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}by pearjam111
"You can't seriously expect us to go to a school for magic!" "You want us to what?" ~~~~~ Dumbledore sends out a distress call to the demigods. Volde...
  • nico
  • gods
  • babysittinghogwarts
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Help From A Golden Boy (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by delaite2789
Help From A Golden Boy (Percy delaite2789
Annabeth Chase has never had a good life. At the age of 7 she became a orphan and has been in an abusive foster home ever since. Her foster father is always pushing her...
  • abuse
  • jiper
  • orphan
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Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Goes To Hogwarts)  - A Chaos/ Harry Potter Story by aarooney
Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Amelié
A nice, relaxing, day at the beach; a romantic movie and dinner with Annabeth. Those were my plans before Gandalf's twin, mini me, and a couple others arrived at my door...
  • hogwarts
  • thefloraawards2017
  • draco
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Goode Luck by Dazed_1344
Goode Luckby Dazed_1344
Annabeth transfers to Goode High to surprise Percy along with many of their friends from Camp *Rights to Rick Riordan*
  • goode
  • chase
  • jackson
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Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3 by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Verb: Concede Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it. *LEMON!* Text copyright © LoveLifeBooks4eva ™ 2014
  • sequel
  • pipermclean
  • percabeth
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Percabeth Oneshots by butterscotchblondy
Percabeth Oneshotsby Alex ♡
Just a bunch of random Percabeth fluff.
  • cute
  • oneshots
  • otp
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Percy Jackson and the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by xXFishgirlXx
Percy Jackson and the Avengers ( The Fishiest Fish
ACTUAL BOO SPOILERS!!!! Percy was hoping for an uninterrupted final year of school with Annabeth after the Giant war. Of course, he didn't get it...
  • percabeth
  • annabeth
  • hulk
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Riptide - Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Pirate AU fanfic by HappyRebellion
Riptide - Percy Jackson/Heroes Feli
Seven seas. Two ships. One infiltrator. //All characters mentioned or written about (the exception being OC's) do not belong to me. They belong to the god of trolling, R...
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • annabeth
  • pirate
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Percy Jackson At Hogwarts (Percy Jackson And Harry Potter Crossover) by WhiteInspiration
Percy Jackson At Hogwarts (Percy Aeln
©All rights belong to Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling Exept the plot The giant war is over, but it had great loss. The seven, but Percy, had died. His love, his live, his...
  • thalia
  • new
  • nico
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