Confused by Time (Percy Jackson fanfic) by dragonswoe
Confused by Time (Percy Jackson dragonswoe
Annabeth managed to escape Tartarus and join the seven in the war against Gaea, but Percy was left behind. Now, three centuries later the Doors of Death are opening agai...
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Ask or Dare Annabeth Chase by damAthenacamper_
Ask or Dare Annabeth Chaseby Elle the Fangirl
Ask or Dare Annabeth Chase anything and she will do it with no hesitation! Annabeth Chase: I never said anything about the no hesita - Admin: Silence, puny mortal. _____...
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Percabeth Betrayed by Ahey_23
Percabeth Betrayedby Ahey
Chaos story but there's a twist! What if the two time hero of Olympus was betrayed? When he leaves, will Olympus fall in the next great war? Another Percy joins Chaos st...
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  • percyjackson
  • camphalfblood
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ODIUM »»» PJO FanFiction by BlueCiffee
ODIUM »»» PJO FanFictionby ˚∘ w i l d f l o w e r ∘˚
Odium \ odi·um \ ˈō-dē-əm \ (n.) widespread hatred or disgust for someone. ➤➤➤ "She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half godde...
  • percy
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Broken by jasminebauer7
Brokenby Jasmine Mia Bauer
Percy Jackson has lost everything and when the gods offer godhood, he refuses again. But the fates have other plans. With Nick Fury after him, will Percy help him and th...
  • annabeth
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  • heroesofolympus
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The Daughter Of Night by live_life_with_books
The Daughter Of Nightby Em
'"So it's settled then." Zeus said, "In order to solidify our truce with Nyx Apollo will marry Nyx's demigod daughter Ariadne."' * Ariadne lived in h...
  • hazellevesque
  • chiron
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The Selection (Percy Jackson AU) by Booknerd987_
The Selection (Percy Jackson AU)by Ann
Olympus has a ruling Prince named Percy Jackson, who is hosting a selection to find his perfect girl. Annabeth Chase is a small town girl who loves to read and draw she...
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Powerful New Member. (Percy Jackson + Avengers) by SerinaTheNerd
Powerful New Member. (Percy SerinaTheNerd
Highest rank #298 in Fanfiction They could not believe that they were stalking a teenager! Them the Avengers were spying on some kid because he had a suspicious file! Gr...
  • pjoavengerscrossover
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The gods and demigods read The Lightning Thief by Dody9861
The gods and demigods read The Dorothy Pirosch
After the war with Gaea, the Seven and their friends are settling down in peace. That is, until the Fates send the whole crew to Olympus in the past to read the story of...
  • pipermclean
  • frankzhang
  • reynaavilaramírezarellano
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Who Could Have Known (Percabeth AU) by bellaschneeb
Who Could Have Known (Percabeth AU)by bella
Annabeth Chase is your average junior at Goode High School. She gets straight A's, and you will never find her sitting in detention. Her best friend since kindergarten...
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Percabeth One Shots And Drabbles by xXLordOfBooksXx
Percabeth One Shots And Drabblesby FISH
Just your average one shot book, nothing more, nothing less. || Highest Ranking- #483 in FanFiction, #2 in percabeth.|| Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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When Myths Meet Magic || 1 || a Percy Jackson Harry Potter crossover by Yournormalpjofangirl
When Myths Meet Magic || 1 || a Yournormalpjofangirl
When Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia get assigned a quest to protect Harry Potter, they never expected it to be back in time and in a whole different world: a world of...
  • annabeth
  • demigodsathogwarts
  • nico
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Long Nights - Percabeth Fluff by SlippeyNapkin
Long Nights - Percabeth Fluffby SlippeyNapkin
The New camp mission was here and Annabeth and Percy had to go and find lost demigods. They both were still trying to find out what there feelings were thought.
  • fangirl
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2.0 The gods read Percy Jackson  by phantasyfan
2.0 The gods read Percy Jackson by Merle_phantasyfan
Sea of monster. So, this is the sequel to 'The gods read Percy Jackson', and you should read that first if you intent to read this, because you won't understand the plot...
  • ships
  • seaofmonsters
  • percy
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Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Astoria_Greengrass
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter lum
**UNDER EDITING** Upon being betrayed by all his friends and cheated on by his girlfriend, Percy Jackson flees from Camp Half-Blood, broken hearted and filled with immen...
  • jackson
  • malfoy
  • harry
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Goode Luck by Dazed_1344
Goode Luckby Dazed_1344
Annabeth transfers to Goode High to surprise Percy along with many of their friends from Camp *Rights to Rick Riordan*
  • fanfiction
  • annabeth
  • goode
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Percy Jackson x Reader One-shots by Sarcastically_Nerdy
Percy Jackson x Reader One-shotsby Morgan
A book where you the reader is paired up with the characters from the Percy Jackson and Olympians and Hero's of Olympus. Also on Quotev.
  • leovaldez
  • annabeth
  • solangelo
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Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson) by muffie2000
Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson)by muffie2000
What if demigod Alex has to go live with her brother Jacob Black for the summer. Will she be able to keep her secret? ***completed*** Twilight X Percy Jackson
  • carlisle
  • wattys2018
  • bella
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Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1} by pearjam111
Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}by pearjam111
Dumbledore sends out a distress call to the demigods. Voldemort is back and the gods made the mistake last time to refuse the wizard's call. Chiron sends Nico, Will, Tha...
  • frazel
  • percyjacksonharrypottercrossover
  • ronweasley
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Help From A Golden Boy (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by delaite2789
Help From A Golden Boy (Percy delaite2789
Annabeth Chase has never had a good life. At the age of 7 she became a orphan and has been in an abusive foster home ever since. Her foster father is always pushing her...
  • percabeth
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