Pink. Only.

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We painted Sophia's room at 9. We had to move her from her bed into the loving room.

"What is you doing momma?" she asked me as I carried her.

"It's a secret," I whispered in her ear and covered her up. She was asleep in two minutes.

Then cries came the twins. Now I had to feed both of them, so I just went to the kitchen and started.

"Annabeth!" Percy yelled.

"What?" I shout back to him.


"We have two other kids, I have to feed them and then I'll be up!"

This house had one big down factor: it was big. Huge. Three stories was more than enough.

I ran upstairs and gave the twins bottles. I have them a blanket each and went into Sophia's room.

Then I felt something splatter all over me.

"Seaweed Brain, oh my gods. If that was paint, prepare to be pink!" I looked down as I yelled that at him. I was pink.

He smiled and tried to hide behind something. Except there was nothing but a bed, which didn't matter since we had new everything.

I splattered him with pink. He splattered me. We did that for a couple of minutes until Sophie ran into the room.

"Momma, Daddy! Siwwy you, pink!" She screamed and tried to get paint all over herself.

"If you do that you'll have to take two baths today!" I warned her before she started. That stopped her.

She ran back downstairs, to watch TV I hope.

"Percy, we have an hour until noon. We better get started," I tell him as we start to paint again.

"Well I know one thing. It's never to get pink paint again. Now I'm pink. Only pink!"

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