A Birthday, and Potty Training

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"Sophia," I shake her up.

"What mommy?"

"It's daddy's birthday today. He's at work. Do you wanna go buy things to have a party before he gets home?"

We go through this every year, but this year I promised her she could help pick out things, instead of just being there.

"Yeah!" she says and gets up.

I walk into the twins' room and get them up and ready.

As soon as we're done, we go in the car and get ready to leave.

"Where do you wanna get breakfast?" I ask Sophia.

We had nothing to eat at home, so I figured we'd just stop.

It's silent for a minute, because she didn't pick somewhere.

I just drive to some restaurant. We go through the drive through and get our food.

While the kids ate their food, I drove to a party place. It's the same place we'd shopped for every birthday party we had.

We got in and out quick. Sophia grabbed some blue things, enough for the mini party we were going to have.

That mini party just consisted of us and the kids.

"Mommy!" Sophia started squealing.

"What?" I say.

"Charles peed!"

"Well, we're almost home. I'll change him when we're there."

I quickly get home. I know that if I didn't, Sophia would start complaining about the accident.

I take Charles and bring him to the bathroom.

"Okay, no more going potty in your pants," I tell him. He giggles. "You're gonna go on the big boy potty!"

He jumps off the toilet, pulls up his pants, and runs to the front door.

"Daddy!" I hear them yell.

"Happy Birthday!" Sophie screams.

"Sophia, no need to shout," I laugh.

I go next to Percy and kiss him.

"Happy 26th, Seaweed Brain."

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