2 months later

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"Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Jackson! Your back!" said the lady at the front desk at the doctors. "And who's this?" she asked, pointing to Sophia.

"This is our daughter, Sophia," said Annabeth. She wasn't sure about having another kid around, but now she excited.

We waited until the doctor called our names. When we were Annabeth sat in the same spot she did with Sophie. She was starting to show, so we were finding out if the baby was healthy.

All of our family and friends were excited. Piper was excited their child could play with our new one. Piper was six months, and Annabeth was four months.

"Well, looks like the baby is healthy!" The doctor said. We left and Annabeth was crying. "What's wrong?" I ask. "I can't believe we're actually having another baby!" she cried. "Baby!" Sophie shouted. We couldn't wait.

Annabeth insisted on driving to a mall to get Sophie some clothes. She got her a pink dress, a pink shirt, pink shoes, almost pink everything! It wasn't enough blue in my opinion.

We were walking down to checkout when Sophia started singing. "Swim, swim, owl, swim!" She didn't know about Poseidon or Athena. I looked at Annabeth. She hurried to pay and told me to get Sophie to the car. "Daddy, I wanna go home," she said.

"We are, take a nap on the way home," I told her.

"I'm gonna dream about Bubber or Sisser!" she said, snuggling into my arms.

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