Home Again

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After three weeks in the hospital I got to come home.

"Mommy!" Both of the boys yell and grabbed me.

"Hi boys! Where's daddy?" I ask them.

They run to the kitchen, so I guess he's in there.

"Percy!" I yell. I run and jump into his arms, and then kiss him.

"You're back!"

"Yeah. Sorry I didn't tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise."

"It's fine," he says and kisses my forehead.

"Daddy!" Sophia yells.

She can walk, but it's hard so he put her on bed rest. She had a hard time walking, as I had seen when they visited me.

They wanted to make sure I wasn't depressed, losing the baby and all. I was very sad, but not depressed. They said I looked it so I had to stay.

Sophia was carried into the kitchen and a huge smile came onto her face.

"Mommy!" she screams and reaches for me.

I hold her in my arms for a while. Neither of us say anything, we just hug.

I looked at her. She was asleep. This meant it was nap time.

I carry her up to her bed, telling Percy to get the boys.

When I lay her down I cover her up and kiss her cheek.

She looks so peaceful.


Later, after we put all the kids to bed, Percy and I laid in bed.

"Hey, Annabeth?" Percy asks.


"I'm sorry about the baby," he says quietly.

A tear rolls down my cheek.

"I-I just wanted the baby. It would've been nice," I say. Now tears are rolling down my face.

"Well, I guess we'll try again then," he whispers.


"We'll try again. I wanted that baby."

"Really?" I ask, thinking he was kidding.

"Yeah. Let's try," he says.

I smile and nod, leaning over to kiss him.

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