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"Auntie Piper!" Sophie yelled as Jason, Piper and Jade walked through the door.

Piper sets Jade down and Jade toddles away.

"She's gotten so big!" I say.

"Yeah. Sorry for not having a birthday. We didn't want to spend our money when she wouldn't remember the party because we need it for-"

Jason ran over and clasped his hand around her mouth. He whispered something in her ear and went back to talking to Percy.

"What was that about?" I ask.

"He doesn't want me to tell you what we're going to spend our money on. I will later!" She says quietly enough he doesn't hear.

"Mommy, can we have cake now?"

"Sure, do you want the twins to open presents?"

"No! Cake!"

I walk into the kitchen and get the cake out.

Percy was happy that there was a blue cake this time. I was making him clean up the mess, and that was going to be a big one.

"Blow out the candles boys!" I say and hear a knock on the door.

I walk over and open it. It's Poseidon and Athena. This time it's not a dream.

I AM SOOOOO SORRY:( I've been having life problems. I will have another chapter up tomorrow or Monday! Tell me what you think about this horrible chapter!
I know it was bad. I'm so sorry I wanna cry! I just forgot! Byyyyeeeeee until next chapter(:

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