Meeting Little Zhang

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We head into their room to see Hazel holding a baby.

"Mommy!" Charles yells.

"Look!" Jade yells.

Piper and I shush our children.

"The baby is sleeping," Piper tells them.

Sophia eases closer and closer.

She misses having a baby around. Well, we had two. She still missed it.

"What's her name?" Sophia asks.

"Destiny," Hazel replies and yawns.

"If you want us to leave, we can," I tell her.

"Oh, no. Please stay."

"Well, I did bring my three children. I can have Percy come by and say hi then take them."

"No, I like them here," she says and smiles.

Just when Sophia is about to climb on the bed, I stop her.

"Sophia Marie! What has gotten into you today?" I ask her.

I could tell she was tired, and that was the problem.

"Visitors of Mrs. Zhang?" A nurse says. "Would you please be able to go, she needs rest.

Piper and I agree. I grab Sophia and the twins and go to the exit.

Just as we are about to leave, I feel sick again.

I run to the bathroom, and puke out all of the things I ate today.

This is the last time I'm getting pregnant. I can't stand this. That, and I can't handle another child after four.

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