Thanks, Seaweed Brain

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YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I wasn't expecting 5+ votes and a follow!!!!


Pregnant. I was pregnant, again. I couldn't believe it. "Percy!" I yelled. "Yes?" he asked, coming into the bathroom. "I'm, well, pregnant." He smiled "Yes! another baby! Another one!" I was glad he was happy. That made me happy. "Thanks, Seaweed Brain." I said kissing him.


I couldn't believe she was pregnant. Again. I couldn't wait. I wanted a boy, no, a girl! Oh I don't care I'm just so excited! "Annabeth, boy or girl?" I smiled. "I want a boy." She said. I sat down, and she told me she was going to get Sophie. She got back in ten minutes. "Piper's pregnant! Why didn't you tell me?" she yelled. Then Sophia came into the room. "Moma! Dada! Baby!" She ran to Annabeth and hugged her. "Bubber, Sisser!" she yelled. Annabeth had already told her.

And she couldn't wait.

5+ votes maybe?? :)

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