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"What color, Sophie?" I asked her when we got to the comforters.

"Pink! Blue! Yellow! Blue! Pink!" she started yelling.

"Sophia, quiet down!" I said, because the twins were incredibly loud plus her. Percy was no help looking for new things for the boys' room.

"Pink!" she finally yelled.

"Sophia Marie, if you don't quiet down you're not going to get one at all!" Percy says, finally coming back.

"No!" she whispers and goes to find one.

"Thanks, Seaweed Brain. Having three kids at once is not as fun as it looks," I tell him.

He smiles. "It doesn't look fun to me at all!"

"Done!" Sophie comes back running, the package she has three times bigger than her.

I look at it. Of course, it has little pink jewels and glitter everywhere. I really am not in the mood to say no.

We take Sophie to pick out paint colours, where she chooses blue.

We get the boys a blue and a green and head to check out.

The woman tries to make small talk, so I go with it.

"Hi! How old is the girl?" she asked.

"Sophie? She's three, and a big handful."

"I'd bet! Especially with twin boys!" she exclaims. "Oh! Sorry! Your total is $70.47."

"Percy!" I call and he comes over to pay.

"Bye!" She calls. I don't say bye back.

"Sophie, we're gonna paint your room tomorrow, okay?" Percy asks.

"Yes!" she says and plays with Luke.

"I'm glad we won't have to do this again," I tell Percy.

I don't wanna make you wait that long! Sorry:/ I'm gonna do facts about myself and a poll at the end of each chapter!

Fact: I have an obsession to Chucky, and my friend will not let me have sharp objects! (@CarolynWehmeyer)


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