Waiting Room (short.. Sorry)

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When we arrived, twenty minutes later, we heard Hazel had already delivered the baby.

"Mommy, is it a boy?" Sophia says and frowns.

"We'll have to wait until Uncle Frank comes out," I tell her.

She runs off and goes to play with Charles and Luke by Piper.

I sit there thinking about how it will be when we have the new baby.

"Stupid head!" I hear Sophia yell.

Lots of people look over at her.

I go over and pick her up to sit by me again.

"What Mommy?" She asks.

"Don't say that," I tell her.

Just as she was about to run off again, I catch her.

"Wait here," I tell her.

"Um, the people who are here to see the Zhang's new baby, come on in," a nurse says.

Here we go. Hazel has to put up with us.

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