Seeing Sophie

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Thanks @thaliagracetree! You are the one who made me write this chapter! If it wasn't for the names you gave I wouldn't have posted this for a while! :)



The pain. It hurt so much. I wanted this baby, and I knew Percy did too, so I did it for the child. I heard crying and then everything went black....


I woke up to see percy holding the baby. She was wrapped in pink. Then Percy saw that I was awake. "Annabeth! You're awake! This is her! Now we have to name her..." He suddenly went into deep thought. "What about Sophia? Sophia... Marie? Do you like that?" I did, actually. "It's beautiful, and I'm glad we have her." And I was glad, very glad, in fact. She had my eyes, and probably all of Percy's personality. "Does that mean you're ready for another one?" He looked up with hopeful eyes. "Seaweed Brain, at least wait another year or two." His expression went all sad. "Fine, I just really want that-" But his sentence was cut off by Sophia's crying. "What did I do? I'm sorry!" I laughed. "Nothing Perce, babies often cry. Has everyone got to see her yet? Or have they not arrived?" He looked forgiving. "They came like, six hours ago, sorry. You were out and they wanted to see her. So we let them...." I was sad, but I acted fine. "It's okay, I will see them later. But now I'm tired...." He was surprised. "Tired? Tired! You just slept for six hours and-" His sentence, I didn't hear, because I was already asleep.

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