Meeting with the Parents

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"Athena? Poseidon?" I say. I can't believe they're here. "Percy!" I call.

"Who is it?" He runs to the door and looks. "Oh."

"Are you going to let us in?" Athena asks.

It was cold outside, so I let them in.

"I hear you have children," Poseidon says.

"Sophia!" Percy calls, and goes to get the boys.

Sophia comes in, yet when she sees our parents she screams.

"Mommy, who's that?"

"This is Athena, my mommy, and Poseidon, Daddy's daddy."

"Oh. Hi!" Sophia said and went to give then hugs. I stopped her.

"Mommy, why? I want to give dem hugs!" Of course, my three year old hugs people as long as she knows their names.

"Let's talk to them first," I tell her, just as Percy walks in.

"I'm back," he say and sits next to me. He gives me Luke.

"Three children," Poseidon says calmly. Calmly. Calmly.

I wasn't expecting that.

Athena doesn't look happy.

"Three children? And we've never met them? We should have been the first to know."

"I don't think-" Percy starts but I cut him off.

"Athena! Posiden!" Sophie screams.

Then Charles starts screaming. Then Luke. In the kitchen I hear Jade screaming. Too many kids screaming.

"Okay, I'm gonna ask you to leave? We can see you some other time. Our sons' birthday is not the time. Goodbye," Percy tells them and they go. Without arguing.

Before I walk into the kitchen I grab all the kids. They never finished their cake, and I needed pictures.

We still had a long day.

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