A Very Proud Momma

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"Sophie, help me get the twins!" I yell at her as she starts to run up the stairs.

"Momma!" she yells. She really. Has an attitude today.

"Ma!" I hear a voice.

I look around. There's nobody but Luke, as Charles was asleep on my lap.

"Ma!" I hear again, and look at Luke. Is it him?

"Mama!" I hear him say.

"Sophia Marie, get down here!" I yell.

"What, Mommy?"

"Get a blankie for Charles," I say and she brings it over.

I lay him down on the couch and run to Luke.

"Luke! What's my name?"

"Mama," he says, as if it were nothing.

I ran to get my phone.

"Hello?" Percy picked up.

"Your son just said his first words!"

"Which son, may I ask?"


"I'll be home soon, I'll bring dinner too," he says and hangs up.

I hear crying. I run into the living room to see Luke crawling around, while Charles is screaming.

"Shh, shh," I try to calm him but it doesn't work.

I set him on the floor. He usually grabs onto the table and tries to walk.

"Lukey! C'mon! You can do it!" I hear Sophie say, so this can't be good.

I walk over to them.

"Sophie, what are you doing?" I ask.

"Trying to get him to walk!" she says, and goes back to work.

From the living room, I hear giggles. My gods, what did Charles do this time?

I walk back in to see a very happy 11 month baby walking (well, wobbling) toward me.

Sooooo... how'd you like it? Hope you did?

Fact: I watched Curse of Chucky today and cried. I (insert a word here) cried! What is wrong with me....


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