Lazy Day

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"Annabeth, can I talk to you?" Piper asks.

"Sure, anything," I tell her. She's going to tell me what I didn't get told earlier.

"Well, I got pregnant. I was pregnant since August. Last week we got news. I-I had a miscarriage. Jason was a little more disappointed than me."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I interrupted, giving her a hug.

"We decided to learn more. I can't have anymore children. I can try, but the doctor doubts it. We're going to try one more time. If it doesn't work, we have to adopt."

I hug her. I can't believe this. It shatters my heart. I've had three, and I'm older. She is young, and she wants it.

"Mama! Mama! Movie?" Luke ran in asking me. At least, he waddled in.

"Sure, which one?" I asked him. "Piper, you, Jason, and Jade can stay. We can put the kids to bed after a movie and you can stay the night."

"Are you sure? We don't want to intrude!"

"I'm telling you to. It wasn't a question," I laughed.

I walked into the living room and turned on a movie. I bought this yesterday, so we've never seen it before.

"Guys! The movie is on!"

Everybody comes running in. Percy sits on me. Piper sits on Jason.

"Seaweed Brain, what are you doing?"

"Sitting," he replies into the movie previews.

"Well I'm going to knock you on the ground, or we shall reverse this order."

"Let's reverse," he says, getting up.

I sit on his lap until the kids come in.

"Mommy, wha mova?" Charles asks.

"The new one," I tell him. He chose it, and it wasn't that bad.

"Yay!" he says and runs up to sit on my lap.

Luke sits on Percy, and Sophia sits on me. Then Jade crawls up on Pipers lap.

Sophie slowly drifts to sleep, right after the twins, after an hour into the movie. Jade is already sleeping in the guest room.

We bring the kids up to the guest room to sleep. I have a movie for us to watch.

In middle of the movie, almost everybody is asleep. It's not late so I go to the kitchen to get a snack.

I've been craving peanut butter for a while, so I grab some in the cabinet.

I continue eating until the jar is gone. I never eat this much. The jar started out full.

I walk up to bed and lay down. I think the boys' birthday has been special.

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