Deciding when to tell

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My wife was pregnant, and I couldn't even tell Jason. I told him that Annabeth thinks he should propose in front of us all when we get together next month. He liked that idea, so he went to look for a ring (making me help!). I didn't like going but I had to. Annabeth wanted to wait longer, but I told her we should tell them next month also. She still didn't want to, but I finally talked her into it. "C'mon Wise Girl!" I said, realizing I hadn't said that for a while. She came right back at me. "Seaweed Brain! We have to tell our parents first! It should be fine with them. I will not say a peep till we see them and tell them." This was wonderful. We had to tell my mom. And her dad and mom. Then Poseidon and Athena. I wondered if Annabeth was scared about that too. I was surprised that we had to tell the gods. They would figure out soon. "Annabeth, I decided that we might as well. I mean, they may be mad that you're almost two months and nobody knows." I couldn't believe I said that. "Whatever you say, I'm going to bed. Love you!" She said and kissed me goodnight.

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