Sure, Maybe?

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"Seaweed Brain, I think I'm pregnant" I said, as he smiles. "Wise Girl, I figured that out." How? "How did you figure it out?" I asked. "Well, you almost haven't been sick, not to mention throwing up, since before Sophie was born." Oh, why didn't I think of that? It's obvious. "I got you a test, it's for mortals, though. Not the ones we would usually use." I wanted to go to the doctor. Eh, I'll use the test. "Piper gave it to me!" he yelled as I went into the bathroom. Does that mean she's pregnant? Oh well, I'll use this thing. I read the instructions and get ready. Here I go I am-

Very short, but next chapter will be up in the morning. I'm tired (not really), but still... 5+ votes? Please? Maybe a follow?? Please? Thanks:)

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