5 months later

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I had some help on this chapter from my friend. I hope you like it.



We were driving to the doctors. I was now seven months pregnant. My stomach was huge. I was excited, but Percy looked worried. "Perce, it'll be fine! Everything's ok!" I said trying to cheer him up. "I know, I'm worried about the baby. And what will happen..." He muttered.


When we arrived we signed in and sat down. Within a minute we were called. We went into a room with a chair like the dentist and a screen next to it. The doctor came in. "Hello, I'm Dr.Marc. If you have any questions ask me. You can call me Melissa." She was very polite. "Thank you I'm Annabeth Jackson, and this is my Percy." I felt weird. "Hello, I'll be back in a second, if that's okay." We didn't care so she left. "This is it Perce! We're gonna have a baby! I'm so excited! Aren't you?" I was happy, I couldn't believe this was happening. "Ya, I want it to be a boy! That would be exciting." he said as Melissa walked in. "Okay, ready? Let's get started..." She said as she got the stuff ready. She put this cold gel on my stomach. "There it is! Do you wanna know the gender or let it be a surprise?" I looked at Percy. He nodded. "Um, would we be able to know?" I asked, trying not to be rude. "Well, it is a girl," she said. "I looked at Percy. He was smiling. "Thanks so much Melissa! When do I need to come next?" I asked. "In about two weeks if that's fine. You can go make an appointment. I hope to see you guys next time." She said as we left. We made our appointment and went outside. Percy kissed me. "I can't wait for our baby girl to come..." He said kissing me again.


Later I called everyone. I told them they could come over but some were busy. "Hi, Piper! How are you? Do you wanna come over today?" I hoped she would. I wanted to tell her in person. "Sure, Annabeth. Need me to bring anything?" I thought about it. "Um, no thanks. I'll see you in a liitle bit bye." Then I called Hazel. "Hi Hazel. Do you wanna come over today?" There was a silence on the phone, and I'm guessing she went to ask Frank. "Um, sorry Annabeth. We have something to do today." I wondered what that was. "That's ok. But I still wanna tell you something. I'm having a girl!" I squealed through the phone. "That's great," she said. Then I heard her yell. "Frank! Percy and Annabeth are having a girl! Hey Annabeth, Frank says congrats! I gotta go!" I said bye and called Thalia. "Hey Thalia! Do you wanna come over today?" I hoped she would. "Um, sure. That sounds fine. When should I?" I thought. "Anytime you want. We aren't doing anything." I hoped Percy wouldn't mind. "Ok I'll be over in about twenty minutes. Bye!" I said bye and called Rachel. "Hey, how would you be able to come over today?" I asked. "Hi Annabeth. I'm sorry. I can't! I gotta go visit my parents." Now I have to tell her on the phone. "Well I'm having a girl!" I said for the second time. "That's great!" Then the doorbell rang. "Rach, I gotta go! Bye!" I hung up and went to get the door. It was Piper and Jason. "Hi guys! Percy they're here!" I yelled down the hall. Percy came in the room. We sat on the couch and chatted until Thalia came. "Hi! I missed you guys!" She said as she hugged me. "Okay, now that everyone is here I have an announcement! I'm having a girl!" Everyone was excited by that set of news. "That's wonderful," Piper said. "We're having our wedding in three months! Then you can show her off!" Piper said as she kissed Jason. "Congrats, guys! I can't wait!" Thalia said. We sat there talking about our baby until it was late, and everyone had to go home. "Bye guys! See you soon!" We said as everyone left.

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