Percy and Annabeth their future

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It was perfect.

Percy had taken me out to the beach earlier, at noon.

He suggested doing this and getting dinner in honour of our six year anniversary.

The sun was already setting. All we've done today is have lunch and walk around. I didn't want to swim.

"Hey, Seaweed Brain?"

"Yes Wise Girl?"

"Today was perfect, tha-," I got cut off by him going down on one knee.

"Annabeth, I've known you since we were young. I've loved you for longer than anything. Will you marry me?"

He pulled out a ring. It was an absolutely stunning blue diamond. It had out initials on the inside. An 'A' and a 'P'.

I started to cry tears of joy. I couldn't believe it.

"Yes," I whispered, and jumped into his arms to kiss him.

The night just got more perfect.

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