The Wedding (part one)

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We were headed for Frank and Hazel's wedding.

Sophie had never been to a wedding, so she was fascinated. "Look Dad!" and "Look Moma!" was all she said for a while.

"Sophie, let's get you into your special dress," Annabeth said once we were inside the building. Sophia was the flower girl, and she loved all the attention.

"Otay, Moma!" Sophie said and ran off.

I went to get seats near the front. We were told to sit there, and I wanted to find a good spot.

Annabeth came in a couple minutes later and sat next to me.

"I can't believe she's in the wedding! She's probably going to run down the aisle."

"She'll be fine," I reassure her.

Soon the music starts. There are no bridesmaids or groomsmen, so it's just Sophia coming down the aisle.

Annabeth was wrong, Sophie walked, but made a mess of flower petals.

Frank was smiling, but his smile got even bigger when Hazel came down the aisle.

"Look at her dress, it's beautiful!" Annabeth whispered to me.

"Yes," I shushed her.

The person in the front thing said some things, they put rings on each other, and kissed. That's what I got out of it.

"Moma! You see me?" Sophie yelled when the wedding was over.

"Yes, you looked beautiful!" Annabeth said and picked her up.

We went to our car and drove to the reception. This is where the party was going to start.

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