House Hunting

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"A new house?" I asked Percy. "We just had twins! Spent money on their rooms! Now you want to move? Where? Oh, let me guess . . . a different state? Or twenty minutes from here? You have a nice job! I have a spot ready for a new job when the twins are six months old!" I almost yelled at him.

"Yes. Annabeth, look at this one!" he pulls a house up on my laptop. "It may be a lot, but it's lots of room. The twins can each have a room. Sophie gets her room. We get ours. That means there will be two extra rooms!"

"How far is it?" I ask. That's all I care about.

"Only 3 miles, in New York City."

That's not too bad. I guess we better go look soon.

"Annabeth, I'm gonna go look at it. Do you wanna come?"

"Yeah, sure. Let me get Luke and Charles in their car seats. Can you get Sophie?" I ask, as he nods and goes to get her.

I walk into the twins' room. They are both staring at each other, wide awake.

"Hi, boys! Wanna go see our house Daddy's gonna get us?" I say and pick up Charles to put into his crib. Next I get Luke and take them both to the car, which Percy and Sophia are already in.

We head off, and it's not that far away. It's only enough time to hear Sophie sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" three times. It sounded like Luke hated it, because everytime it said spider, he would scream. Only on that word. Charles loved it, except he giggled every time she said spider.

Is it just me, or do I have some weird children?

When we get there I grab the boys and go inside. Sophie is already sitting on the couch when I get in there.

"Perce, do they even know we're here?" I ask him.

"I called Jon and Marcie and told them we were coming!" he exclaimed. I'm guessing Jon and Marcie own the place.

 "And you just missed Jon. He went to get paperwork on the house."

When Jon came in he sat down with the paperwork. "Now, Mr. Jackson, if you would sign here," he would say every once and a while, Percy telling him to call him by his real name.

"Okay, that's good!" Jon finally said.

"When will we be able to move in?" I ask him wondering if we needed to start packing.

"Tomorrow, or the next day," he said and smiled at me.

I needed to pack some things, call a truck and set some things up in a limit of two days? Not to mention I was going to redo the kids' rooms . . . .

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