Santa Came!

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Apparently, I wrote this and was spout to publish it. THEN I had to feel sick so I couldn't do anything:( Tell me if you don't like it please.

"Mommy!" I hear a four year old yell.

"What Sophia?" I ask her.

"Santa came!"

"Did he really?" I ask.

"Yeah, and Luke and Charles are gonna open presents!"

She runs downstairs, in a hurry to open the presents.

When I get downstairs they have already emptied their stockings.

"You know to wait for mommy and daddy!" I tell them, and they all giggle.

Every year Percy cooks breakfast, so I start to head for the kitchen.

All of a sudden, somebody comes up behind me and pulls me into their arms.

Before I can say anything, I get kissed.

"Hey, Seaweed Brain," I say.

"Merry Christmas," he replies and kisses me again.

"Icky!" Sophie screams and runs back into the living room.

"I haven't started breakfast yet," Percy tells me.

"That's good, because the kids are seconds away from opening presents."

We both head into the living room and sit down.

"Me first!" Sophia says and starts to rip the present she had open.

She knows it was hers, because ever since the twins were born, Santa had wrapped her presents pink, Charles' blue, and Luke's red.

"Mommy!" She screams.

She had gotten a TV for her room, something she had been wanting for a while.

She continues to open her presents while Percy and I help the twins with theirs.

After the kids open all their presents, which was only ten minutes, Percy and I get to exchange our gifts.

He gives me mine first.

"Mommy, me hep?" Luke asks.

The twins have been starting to barely talk, but you have to make out what they're saying.

"Sure buddy," I say and put him up on my lap.

He starts to peel off the edges. I help him practically, because he can't open it alone.

"Oh my Gods," I say as I open it.

It was a little necklace, with his, mine, and all of the kids' initials on it.

"It's beautiful!" I tell him, and go kiss him.

I go to get him his present. I actually bought him a present, before I knew I was giving him one that would be here in nine months.

I give him his gift.

"Me!" Charles screams.

"I can't open this by myself!" he tells the kids.

They all run to help him.

It was an inflatable pool to put in the backyard.

We didn't have the money for a huge pool, so I decided instead of driving twenty minutes to the public one I'd give him this to set up in the summer.

The joy on his face was priceless.

"Thanks, but now I have to wait before I can use this," he jokes.

He starts to get up so he can cook, but I stop him.

"Wait!" I say.

I run into the hallway closet and grab the last one.

I give to him.

I smile and act all excited, but I am really nervous.

I see him mouth the words on the paper.

He looks at me, his eyes big and full of excitement.

"Yes!" he yells, and runs to hug and kiss me.

"I love you so much!" he tells me.

"And I love you, Seaweed Brain. I hope you like your presents."

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