Cleaning is Always Fun

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"How was school?" I ask Hali when she runs to me.

"I love it! I took a nap and then we did art and then I got to play and then-"

"Woah, slow down!" I say, and laugh.

"How was your day?" I ask Charles, Luke, and Sophia.

"Good," Sophia says and walks inside.

"Great!" Luke says.

Charles shrugs.

I follow them inside and go into the kitchen. I had to prepare Hali's snack, or she would be anxious for dinner.

"Guys!" I yell upstairs. "Come clean the basement!"

Sophia usually got the dining room, the boys got the living room, while Hali got the stairs.

The house seemed like a nice size when we bought it, but as the kids got older it became more crowded.

"I'm home!" I hear Percy call.

He comes into the kitchen to kiss me. It's his usual routine to come see me, then go work in the office until dinner.

"Hi, Aunt Annabeth!" Roxy says.

Roxane was Nico's daughter, who came over every Thursday when Nico worked late.

"How are you, dear?"

"Fantastic! Is there anything I can help with?"

"I'd tell you to go play with Hali or Sophia but they're doing chores."

"I'll help!" she said, and skipped off.

For a seven year-old, she was very mature. She usually wanted to help with anything. She enjoyed playing with Hali and Sophia because she had no siblings.

I walked in to check on how Sophia was doing.

"Sophia Marie!" I yell.

She comes stomping down the stairs. I have no clue what's gotten into her, but I don't like it.

"You didn't clean it!"

"Yeah, I did! Look!"

All I saw was a mess all over.

"C'mon, Sophie! Cleaning is fun!" I hear Hali say from the other room.

"Oh yeah, it's so fun," Sophia says, rolling her eyes.

"Watch it," I say.

I walk at out the room and hear her muttering to herself.

She'd better set her attitude straight, or she'd be in big trouble.

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