First Day

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"Sophia! C'mon wake up!"

"You're gonna be late!"

"Mom, go away. Seriously, just ten more minutes."

"She'll give me your phone!" Hali said.

"Hali, shut up!" Sophia yelled.

"Sophia Marie Jackson, get up," I say and walk out.

I have trust in her, she got up everyday last year by alarm.

"Boys!" I call.

I hear a groan inside the room.

"Charles, c'mon! We're going into third grade! C'mon get up!" I hear Luke saying.

"Mom! Make him stop!"

"Get up, Charles. You're not going to be late on your first day."

"Yeah! I'm starting kindergarten!"

I laugh at Hali. She won't let anyone forget it.

"Come down and eat. When you guys get home you're going to clean up."

"Mom, the whole house looks like this!" Charles groans.

"And you're going to help clean that too. So get up."

He groans again. Charles has never liked school.

"Mommy! I want cereal!" Hali says.

"Get the milk out," I tell her.

I keep the bowls and the food up high so the kids don't get into it. That way, they have to ask me for anything they want.

"Mom, can I have cereal?" Sophia asks.

For the first day she always wears a dress, but this year she's wearing shorts and a shirt.

"Why aren't you wearing your usual first day outfit?"

"I don't want to? Why else?"

"I'm wearing my dress!" Hali giggles.

"Okay," Sophia shrugs.

She usually doesn't act like that, she's excited for school and counts down days until it starts.

"Mom! Get us cereal were coming down!" I hear a yell. It's followed by crashing.


"If you guys would clean the stairs that wouldn't happen!" Sophia yells to them.

"Shut up!" Charles says and hits her.

"Don't fight. Go grab you're stuff the bus is going to come in a couple minutes."

"You're not driving us?" Hali asked.

"Now that everybody is going to school you can ride the bus."

Sophia groans.

"Okay, go!" I push them all up.

"Bye Mommy!" Hali says.

Her first five years have gone by quicker than Sophia's or the twins'.

We'll y'all. I have an important announcement. I'll go to 65 chapters and this book will be over (:

Maybe there will be a sequel. Maybe not(: you guys vote.

No Sequel, Sophia POV, or Annabeth POV?

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