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"Sophie! Open the last present," I said.

"Otay, Moma!"

She got a bike. Oh my gods, this is going to be dangerous.

"Bik! Bik! Mine!" She squealed.

"Holy Hephaestus! A bike!" Piper said.

"Mine!" Sophie informed her. Again.

"No, it's Jade's!" Leo says, taking Jade away from Piper. He brought her over and put her in the basket.

"Leo!" Piper warns him to stop.

Sophie started tearing up. "Weo! My bike, no Jayd!"

"Kidding, Sophia!" he surrenders.

We cleaned up after the party and got Sophia ready for bed.

"Sophie! Time for a bath."

"No!" she squeals and runs away.

"Sophia Marie Jackson!" Percy yells for her.

She comes running down.

"I don't like bath. Water, no!" she screams and runs off.

Gods, she hated water. How long was this going to take?

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