Final Battle

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Clarke's POV:

As soon as I heard Luna's voice I knew there would be trouble, that bitch is crazy. She always was.

I blink and I seem to miss loads: people are now fighting but Luna stands out of the way. Pike has stepped away from me and watches closely to the fight in the distance.

This is my chance. Okay so I have 3 guards holding me down: one holding my shoulders, standing directly in front of me and the other two on my arms, if I use my legs to free an arm- ok I got it I don't need to run through all of it in my head.

Clarke remember, all this guards had the choice, they chose to stick by Pike- don't hesitate to kill them.

Using all my strength, and my leg, I find myself kicking his shin and he stumbles back, wincing in pain. Before he or anyone has the chance to react, I look I the guard holding my right arm and use their restraining for my benefit; I swing one leg and send him crashing into the wall then bouncing off onto the floor. By now, the other guard has let go and is terrified of my next move. He holds a gun at me, just as the other guard begins to stand with his dead leg.

As the gun is raised, I swiftly move around and now I have the gun. I don't hesitate. I shoot them both but I do it quick, so they wouldn't be in any pain while dying.

Now to save Bellamy.

The guards holding Bellamy are so focused on the fight going on with the others, they don't realize I'm behind them until I've shot one. The other one are is slow but as I go to shoot Bellamy already has him pinned to the ground;let's just say that he's dead.

Bellamy and I nod at each other before going to help out the others.

My eyes follow Pikes movement as he runs out the doors, weirdly unseen by anyone but me- coward. Quickly, I grab a gun- shit a pistol- and begin to run towards the door.

However, before I reach the handle a guard pounces in front of me; he quickly falls to the floor and I look behind me to see who made the shot.

Bellamy. I smile at him and he nods in return, after that I'm out the door and flying through the hallway to find Pike, who is hiding somewhere.

Bellamy's POV:

Thank fuck I made that shot, like what the fuck Bellamy that was awesome. I know you killed someone but, shit is it not meant to feel worse-

" BELLAMY!!" Octavia yells over the crowd right in front of me, bringing me back to reality.

" ARE YOU OK." She asks me, I nod in response....," Go, I've got this here." She says sympathetically knowing exactly where I want to be.

" Be safe." I say quietly, before making my way out the chaotic room and off to following Clarke silently.

Try to and not let her catch you this time.

Clarke's POV:

Room after room and still no sign of Pike, I know he's here somewhere actually-

Think Clarke think. Nothing is keeping him here, Ali is gone and he does have a private facility in the South what if- ROOF.

" Shit." I say loudly and I quicken my pace towards the stairs, leading to the room.

This is gonna take forever, I mean the organization is under ground- well most of it. There's a stairway that leads up into the sky used for when we need transport is just a helicopter pad- SHIT HE'S GONNA RUN.

Sprinting up them, even missing a few steps from time to time, I speed up them desperate to make it to the top-pretty sure I heard some footsteps below but it's probably just my echo. Eventually, I find myself at the door handle and push it open almost falling backwards as I step out into the open air.

My eyes are glued, I had a feeling it would be midday but instead it's the middle of the night and the stars are out to play. The wind is abnormally strong and I feel like a freshman starting high school- being shoved and pushed everywhere. As my hair falls behind me, the breeze catching it perfectly, keeping it off my back I march forward.

His figure gets further from me as he walks briskly to the running helicopter, masking my footsteps from the noise of it.

" PIKE!!" I scream over the noise, just before he pulls the doors open; he turns to see him about 30yards between us.

He smirks and waves at me cockily; I sprint towards him as he open the door but strangely, he almost falls backwards and back onto the rooftop. As if he was pushed out of it.

Sorry for the long wait guys, I've been revising like mad because of my tests next week xx
And there aren't many parts left to this story, which is quite sad but I assure you all that I do have more stories coming 💞💞

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