Blood Bath

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Clarke's POV:

Bellamy shifts in his seat, obviously uncomfortable and no one says a word.

I sit next to him, and Kane is on the other side of me- what they don't  figure is that I'm always one step ahead. Always.

This is weird. Like..I don't know it's just weird.

" Is anyone going to say anything??" I say annoyed.

There is no movement between anyone: my mom, Kane or even Jaha- it's like they're frozen in position.

They just look straight through me- it's creepy

" This is what you call a hypnotic state Clarke- they respond only to us." Pike tells me.

" And your point is??" I say unconcerned- or so they think

" Let me demonstrate." Ali says cheerfully.

Standing from her chair, he clears her throat wit her hands connected at her stomach.

" Jaha, stand up and go behind your chair." He does so, without emotion

" See what I mean Clarke." She says smiling down at me

" Now, Jaha hold a knife to Bellamys-"

" ALI!" I shout unable for her to finish her sentence.

Sighing she continues," fine i'll demonstrate another way- Jaha slit your throat-" she finishes before I can speak

" Jaha...don't do it."

" He can't listen to you silly." She blinks.

And with that, Ali hands him a knife and he slits his throat. Just like that.

His dead body slumps forward onto the table as blood falls from his neck spilling all over the table.

" Abby will you clean that up." Pike states- and she follows his command, she listens to him and eventually leaves the room.

" Do I have your attention??" She says aggressively

I raise an eye-brow

" Clarke!! I am trying to be civil here-"

" Civil?? CIVIL? YOU JUST MURDERED ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS, THEN JAHA WHO NEXT ALI?? Because on my list it's gonna be you." I say standing up, punching the table with my fist.

" I'm running out of patience Clarke." Ali states, Pike watches from afar

" So am I." I say quickly before pointing a gun I stole from Kane's side.

" Where'd you get that?" She says almost with fear

" If you don't remember you monsters trained her...Ali you look a bit peckish why don't get tell Kane to get you some water, this could take awhile." Bellamy spits

" You've done well on this one Clarke. But your outnumbered ." She nods at Pike who points a gun at Bellamy

fuck! This is why he shouldn't of came.

" I-"

" Good thing I'm good with a gun." Bellamy says confidently pointing a gun at Pike.

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